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151630 - UTAS GP Placement Supervisor Development

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GP Supervisors will be familiar with the expectations of the UTAS Year 5 medical student placement and have reflected on their work as a GP Supervisor

Relevance to General Practice

Clinicians who teach are essential for the health workforce, and benefit from CPD to improve their educational skills. It is important that GPs who teach have skills in teaching and supervision in addition to clinical expertise, both for quality education of future doctors, and for patient safety as they interact with students in practice settings. 

The University of Tasmania utilises many General Practices in the delivery of its clinical teaching to medical students. Supervising GPs receive documentation regarding supervision requirements, but may not always review this in full. Feedback is provided in the form of student evaluation comments to practices. There is evidence to suggest that self-assessment is a useful tool to stimulate improvement of clinical teaching when combined with feedback based on student ratings. 

This activity provides targeted information to GP Supervisors as well as allowing reflection on a combination of self-assessment and student feedback. 


Learning outcomes
  • By the end of this activity, participants will be able to: • List and explain to a medical student the location and use of emergency medical equipment in their
  • By the end of this activity, participants will be able to: • Identify learning activities valued by medical students on GP placement
  • • Identify strengths and areas of improvement in their supervision as described by medical students in combination with personal reflection
  • • Describe parallel consulting OR vertical integration of teaching and its potential application in their clinical context
  • • Find information in the Year 5 GP Placement Handbook
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    151630 - UTAS GP Placement Supervisor Development
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