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151727 - ARC Advanced Life Support 2

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This aims to teach the theory and practical skills to effectively manage patients in crisis including cardiorespiratory arrest, pre-arrest situations and special circumstances. It aims to prepare senior members of a multidisciplinary team to treat the patient and problem solve crisis situations. 

It provides a standardised systematic approach to deteriorating patient assessment and immediate management as well as cardiopulmonary resuscitation in adults including advanced skills in cardiac causes of arrest. 

A standardised approach has the potential for those arriving at a clinical emergency working much more cohesively and increasing the teamwork effectiveness between them. They will have the same approach to assessment and management of the critical situation and as such potentially minimise errors. Communication is enhanced by the use of a standard tool for handover and escalation of care taught on the course. 

4 weeks pre-reading prior to the course is required.

Relevance to General Practice

By placing ALS providers in the form of GPs in the arena where cardiac arrest is most common potentially impacts on rapid delivery of standardised advanced life support which patient outcome results are as yet unknown. What is known is that early recognition of clinical deterioration, followed by prompt and effective action can minimise the occurrence of adverse events such as cardiac arrest, and may mean that a lower level of intervention is required to stabilise a patient.

Learning outcomes
  • 1.Systematic assessment of a patient in crisis identifying and treating life threatening issues using an ABCDE approach
  • 2.Perform effective basic life support Deliver appropriate safe defibrillation therapy using a manual mode defibrillator
  • 3.Demonstrate management of a patient using the standardised approach of the Australian Resuscitation Council cardiac arrest algorithm
  • 4.Summarise how resuscitation techniques are modified in special circumstances
  • 5.Plan to facilitate the safe transfer of the post resuscitation patient Use effective communication in teams to manage crisis situations and complete effective
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    151727 - ARC Advanced Life Support 2
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