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156581 - Positive Engagement with Patients experiencing Musculoskeletal Pain

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This activity aims to provide an update on interdisciplinary management of painful musculoskeletal disorders, highlighting a) the importance of clinical engagement in patient care; b) creation of a therapeutic space to enable sound ethical discourse to occur between clinician and patient; and c) the benefits of inter-professional involvement.

Relevance to General Practice

The burden imposed upon society by those with disabling chronic pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders is an enormous one and its remediation will require a shift from traditional biomedical thinking to the adoption of other approaches that recognise the significant socio-cultural and psychological dimensions of disability. Pain management is currently undergoing a quiet revolution whereby self-management is now a key educational platform. The heavy emphasis on pharmacological agents and interventional techniques, which are limited in their effectiveness, is being replaced by various strategies that emphasise whole person engagement. As key members of the health care team, family medical practitioners need to be aware of what informed health professionals can contribute to the management of their patients experiencing musculoskeletal pain.

Learning outcomes

  • Describe and apply strategies to help validate the patient’s experience of pain.
  • Apply up to date evidence to inform patients about the mechanisms and influence of pain, beyond tissue level response.
  • Identify the possible consequences of diagnostic uncertainty for clinicians and patients.
  • Describe the importance of patient-clinician engagement in determining clinical outcomes.
  • Explain the concept of working in the inter-subjective “third” space
156581 - Positive Engagement with Patients experiencing Musculoskeletal Pain
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