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158289 - Clinical Update - Inflammatory Arthritis

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This activity aims to provide an update on the medical assessment and treatment of inflammatory arthritis including Rheumatoid (RA), Psoriatic (PsA) and Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS).

Relevance to General Practice

Inflammatory arthritides (IA), such as Rheumatoid (RA), are serious, chronic, autoimmune conditions. RA alone affects around half a million Australians. GPs are usually the first port of call for people with IA symptoms so they have an important role in identifying people with possible IA, referring them appropriately for specialist assessment and care, and providing initial management of symptoms. All primary reference guidelines for RA recommend that patients should be established on disease modifying therapy as soon as possible after a diagnosis has been established. Dramatic advances in treatment over the past decade have resulted in major improvements to short-, medium- and long-term outcomes for those affected. With the changing paradigm of health care most patients with IA are in the shared care of their GP and Rheumatologist therefore it is incumbent that primary-care practitioners are cognisant with the recommendations for safety and efficacy of the DMARDs and bDMARDs.

Learning outcomes
  • Outline the prevalence of inflammatory arthritis (IA) and recognise its impact at an individual and societal level.
  • Identify appropriate diagnostic and monitoring tools for IA and determine when rheumatology specialist opinion is required.
  • Identify the modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors associated with IA.
  • Differentiate the categories of medications used in the treatment of IA.
  • Describe common side effects, and evaluate the efficacy and safety of various treatments, including corticosteroids, DMARDs and bDMARDs.
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    158289 - Clinical Update - Inflammatory Arthritis
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