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159326 - Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury (ACL)

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There is a need to develop locally agreed assessment, management and referral pathways for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury (ACL).

Relevance to General Practice

Australian data suggests that about 5% of all the sprains and strains managed by GPs in Australia in 2011–12 were knee injuries. Clinicians need up to date guidance on key factors to consider when deciding whether to refer for imaging. The proposed pathway emphasises the importance of good physical examination skills, which in combination with patient history can be as good as imaging in diagnosing these injuries. Determining whether an investigation is indicated can be challenging in clinical practice, in both balancing the benefits for investigation with the potential harms, while also managing patient expectations. Significant volume of referrals received by outpatient service for patients with knee injuries. JHH Ortho Dept received 194 referrals for ACL injury in the past 12 mths. Median wait time for those triaged 90 days was 225 days to demand exceeding capacity. Pathways will contribute to ensuring that patients with knee injuries are assessed, managed & referred appropriately.

Learning outcomes
  • GPs identify what clinical information regarding assessment, investigation & management is necessary for clinical condition/s being considered in the pathways.
  • GPs can identify what information regarding referral is necessary to include in the pathway/s to facilitate efficient and safe transfer of care of patients.
  • GPs can identify one or more opportunities for process redesign or clinical quality / safety improvements as a result of participating in this activity.
  • GPs are able to effectively and safely manage patient assessment, management and referral through incorporation of HealthPathways into their routine practice.
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    159326 - Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury (ACL)
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