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161416 - Foot pain: a surgical and pain management perspective

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This educational dinner provides general practitioners and other healthcare professionals with expert knowledge on the assessment, diagnosis and management of chronic foot and/or ankle pain. Common conditions and injuries will be discussed along with available novel pain management options and advanced surgical techniques.

Relevance to General Practice

Globally, around 1 in 5 adults suffer from pain with another 1 in 10 diagnosed with chronic pain each year.(1) Chronic pain in the lower limbs is common and is caused by a number of conditions including musculoskeletal conditions, neuropathy, low back pain-related leg pain (sciatica) and osteoarthritis. 
Limitations in walking, stair climbing, and squatting common patient complaints, that greatly interfere with daily living and recreation activities.(2) 
Literature shows that GPs have low satisfaction in treating patients with chronic pain and only 34% of primary care physicians feel comfortable in managing these patients.(4) 
The proposed educational session, Foot pain: a surgical and pain management perspective, held by Metro Pain Group will help to arm General Practitioners and other healthcare professionals in the diagnosis, treatment and management of chronic foot and ankle pain conditions. 

Learning outcomes
  • Assess a patient with foot / ankle pain to establish if they have any red flag conditions.
  • Outline the differential diagnosis of foot / ankle pain.
  • Evaluate a number of alternative strategies to treat chronic foot / ankle pain
  • Implement a referral process for patients that require additional investigation and referral to a pain clinic or orthopaedic surgeon.
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    161416 - Foot pain: a surgical and pain management perspective
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