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163062 - simGP Cardiovascular: Gary Caldwell

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The aim of this activity is to provide GPs with a practical guide to the diagnosis and management of HF in primary care

Relevance to General Practice

Heart Failure (HF) is a complex and characterised by signs and symptoms caused by a structural or functional cardiac abnormality. Heart Failure (HF) in Australia is common, with 480 000 people in Australia currently diagnosed with HF. Prevalence of HF increases with age, and is also higher in the indigenous Australian population. HF in Australia has a significant impact on both morbidity and mortality. In 2015–16, there were 173,000 related hospitalisations in Australia and the mortality rate of HF increases from acute to chronic HF.GPs play a pivotal role in the diagnosis of patients with HF, including recognising symptoms, undertaking the initial evaluation of patients, organising diagnostic tests, and organising a referral to a specialist when appropriate. It can often be challenging to interpret the signs and symptoms of HF, which is why it is important to provide education to GPs on recognize and diagnose HF in a patient with appropriate signs and symptoms.

Learning outcomes
  • Identify the pathophysiology and clinical presentation of heart failure (HF)
  • Use diagnostic algorithms to confirm a diagnosis of HF and rule-out other differential diagnoses
  • Manage patients with HF according to the current treatment guidelines
  • Utilise the role of primary care in optimising the care of HF patients through a multidisciplinary team approach to reduce hospitalisations and improve patient
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    163062 - simGP Cardiovascular: Gary Caldwell
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