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163909 - Common orthopaedic conditions and treatment

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This category 2 activity will consist of five individual presentations presented by surgeons from the Coastal Orthopaedic Group, Chaired by Dr Omar Khorshid. There will be an opportunity for the GPs to ask the speakers questions at the end of each topic, in order to gain further knowledge around each area of specialty. The aim of this activity is to provide GPs with the ability to identify the best treatment options for lower and upper limb injuries, including ankle sprains in all age groups, sporting injuries, hallux valgus and Achilles tendon injuries and shoulder pain. Additionally, non-operative and operative treatment options for ACL injuries will be explored.

Relevance to General Practice

GPs have indicated in post activity evaluations, from previous GP events at Bethesda Health Care that treatment options of the lower and upper limbs are of great interest and would like to attend events regarding this. Additionally, current management options of ACL injuries both surgical and non-surgical are sought after topics. The Coastal Orthopaedic Group offer GPs a wide range of orthopaedic topics over one session and events hosted by Coastal are always well-subscribed.

Learning outcomes
  • 1. Recognise common sporting injuries and surgical repair techniques;
  • 2. Identify the most suitable care path for patients presenting with hallux valgus or an Achilles tendon injury;
  • 3. Recognise symptons that indicate the need for surgical intervention for the common ankle sprain;
  • 4. Identify shoulder instability and treatment options; and
  • 5. Advise patients on the non-operative and operative treatment options in relation to ACL injuries, and recall which is appropriate for individual patient need
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    163909 - Common orthopaedic conditions and treatment
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