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164423 - Sharing knowledge about immunisation - Online Learning Module

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This interactive online learning module will enable GPs to: 
• Assess a parent’s vaccination communication needs and identify which group they sit within; ‘ready’, ‘hesitating’ and ‘declining’ 
• Tailor communication goals according to the parent’s grouping 
• Structure a consultation to meet these communication goals using strategies and SKAI resources specific to the parent’s group. 

Relevance to General Practice

Although 91% to 93% of children are immunised in Australia, it’s important to maintain high immunisation rates to reduce the risk of serious disease outbreak. The attitudes of parents towards vaccination may be categorised into three broad groups. Most are ready to vaccinate, some vaccinate but are hesitant due to still having significant concerns and a small minority declining. A critical factor shaping parental attitudes is their interactions with primary healthcare providers. An effective interaction can address the concerns of vaccine supportive parents and motivate a hesitant parent towards vaccine acceptance. The SKAI (Sharing Knowledge About Immunising) communication support system has been developed for use in primary care. Its ‘triage and treat’ approach involves assessing parents for vaccination concerns and which broad group they belong to early in the consultation and selecting communication strategies tailored to address their concerns and meet their communication needs.

Learning outcomes

  • Distinguish the differing attitudinal positions of parents towards childhood vaccination to discern appropriate communication needs
  • Analyse the communication needs of parents to identify communication goals
  • Utilise the communication goals to select appropriate SKAI communication strategies and resources
  • Implement SKAI communication strategies with parents to maximise engagement and reduce vaccination hesitancy
164423 - Sharing knowledge about immunisation - Online Learning Module
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