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164810 - Foot and Ankle – Sports injury, instability and treatment options

Speciality Classification
General Practice ( GP ) / Family Medicine
Face to face
2 hours


To explain and update GPs on new generation lower limb treatment options including; surgery techniques for patients with acute and chronic lower limb conditions, offering insights into the procedure through video demonstration and presentation, including management and patient care options for patients, patient specific prosthetic treatments verses existing and established surgical and non surgical treatment options.

Relevance to General Practice

Through both direct intervention and promotion of self-management strategies, the GP has a critical role in the management of sports injuries and other musculoskeletal conditions. Musculoskeletal conditions continue to increase in incidence and prevalence with our ageing population with associated increased burden of chronic conditions, largely secondary to obesity and lifestyle choices. GPs are well situated to provide holistic care in these areas, as well as to provide early intervention, avoid fragmentation of management and thus optimise outcomes for these conditions, which have a significant impact on our population. 

RACGP MS16 - Musculoskeletal and sports medicine contextual unit 

Learning outcomes
  • GP’s will be able to describe the anatomy of the ligaments about the ankle and develop a management plan for the first-time presentation of ankle instability.
  • Identify potential risk factors for patient's presenting with & identify less common causes of ankle pain in order to direct appropriate management.
  • Describe common and not so common causes of Calcaneal apophysitis. Discuss literature around imaging v’s clinical assessment.
  • Discuss role of physiotherapy in treating the unstable foot and ankle to restore movement and function.
  • Utilise course reference materials & specialist information to ensure continuity of patient care.
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    164810 - Foot and Ankle – Sports injury, instability and treatment options
    2 hours
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    2 hours
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