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164896 - Headaches and Facial Pain: Breaking the Cycle

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This educational dinner provides general practitioners and other healthcare professionals with expert knowledge on the assessment, diagnosis and management of headaches and facial pain. Common conditions will be discussed along with available novel pain management options and advanced interventional techniques.

Relevance to General Practice

Facial pain and headaches are very common and are often comorbid (Bender 2012)1. Oral and facial pain has been estimated to affect up to 7% of the population and more than 95% of us experience some form of tension headache/s during our lifetime (Zakrzewska 2013). Headache accounts for 4.4% of all general practice consultations, meaning doctors must have a basic working knowledge of common primary and secondary headaches and the ability to make a diagnosis quickly and safely (Weatherall 2016). Of a higher severity, ‘migraines affect 10-20% of the population worldwide, and 1-2% of the population in developed countries have chronic daily headaches’ (Weatherall 2016). 

Many patients with chronic headaches and facial pain spend years being misdiagnosed as many of these conditions are comorbid or present with striking similarity.

Learning outcomes
  • Assess a patient with persistent headaches and/or facial pain to establish if they have any red flag conditions.
  • Outline the differential diagnosis of headaches and facial pain.
  • Evaluate a number of strategies to treat headaches and facial pain.
  • Implement a referral process for patients that require additional investigation and referral to a pain clinic
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    164896 - Headaches and Facial Pain: Breaking the Cycle
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