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165030 - Eye Conditions in General Practice

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How to recognise red flags, the treatment of diabetic retinopathy and intraocular pressure measurement

Relevance to General Practice

For GPs to become familiar with ophthalmic presentations that require urgent referrals or actions. 
To increase GPs knowledge of the fluctuation of intraocular pressure, and 
current clinical methods of assessing this at the Brisbane Eye Clinic using Icare HOME and Water Drink Test. 
And to update Primary Care Physicians on a fast moving range of changes to ophthalmic care of patients with vision threatening diabetic retinopathy 

Learning outcomes

  • 1. To document examples of urgent eye cases and red flags and be able to note when to refer for emergency treatment
  • 2. To describe a contemporary diabetic eye disease management plan
  • 3. To explain the relevance of the Water Drive Test and Icare HOME and how they are implemented clinically and also their impact on patient management
165030 - Eye Conditions in General Practice
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