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166622 - MCCC North East Supervisor Workshop 'Vulnerability in General Practice Training'

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This activity will cover a range of important topics and interactive sessions for GP supervisors. It will include the areas of teaching biases and an approach to vulnerable patient populations as well as updates in GP supervisor policy and administration. It will aim to enable GP supervisors feel more confident in teaching within the general practice setting, with the resultant aim being a cohort of more highly capable, safe and competent GP registrars.

Relevance to General Practice

During the day, supervisors will address a range of potential biases inherent in the setting of GP registrar teaching and assessment. There is widespread literature regarding the, perhaps untrue, assumption that strategies which influence learning and teaching are generalisable. Pratt et al (2011) challenges this and addresses a range of types of bias looking at transfer of knowledge, pre-existing behavioural norms, support for the development of clinical reasoning, a nurturing approach and broader ideological perspectives. Step one to minimising bias in an educational setting is awareness of its existence and potential. This session will explore a range of pre-existing individual teaching perspectives within the supervisor cohort and some approaches to minimising their impact. Disparities in access to healthcare contribute to major and avoidable ill-health. This is particularly apparent in vulnerable patient populations such as LGBTQIA, Indigenous, mental health and chronic disease

Learning outcomes
  • Understand the presence of bias in teaching and assessment
  • Consider the potential for bias when teaching and assessing a registrar
  • Discuss barriers to accessing healthcare for vulnerable populations
  • Describe strategies to improve practice systems in order to support vulnerable patients
  • Discuss the role of training practices and supervisors in supporting registrars to provide a safe environment for vulnerable populations
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    166622 - MCCC North East Supervisor Workshop 'Vulnerability in General Practice Training'
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