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169989 - Screening and diagnosis of prostate cancer

Speciality Classification
General Practice ( GP ) / Family Medicine
Face to face
2 hours

This education program will educate local GPs on current guidelines and best practices for the screening and diagnosis of prostate cancer. Attendees will also be presented with the resources available to them and their patients in the Ballarat community and surrounding areas. This program aims to arm GPs with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage prostate cancer patients in their own practice .

Relevance to General Practice

• USANZ has endorsed the recently outlined clinical practice guidelines on PSA testing released under the leadership of PCFA. USANZ has also recognized the controversy of PSA testing and other screening guidelines and continuous discussion and education will help to minimize potential harms and preserve potential benefits.1 
• The Grampians Region has a higher than average rate of obesity which has been linked to aggressive prostate cancer.2,3 
• Prostate cancer patients are at an increased risk of developing mental health conditions that require psychological treatment. Approximately 60% of men with prostate cancer experience mental health distress, with 10%–40% having clinically significant depression.4 
• Erectile Dysfunction is a common side effect of prostate cancer treatment and men suffering from post-prostatectomy ED are more likely to be diagnosed with depression.4 

Learning outcomes
  • a. Describe updates and advances in prostate cancer diagnosis methods and explore the roles of PSA, MRI, and PSMA PET scans in screening.
  • b. Outline the management options for complications arising from prostate cancer treatment, which include; stress urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, an
  • c. Summarize support services available to men or family members undergoing treatment for prostate cancer or for those in recovery.
  • d. Recall and develop protocols and treatment pathways for those at risk for developing prostate cancer or current patients in your practice
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    169989 - Screening and diagnosis of prostate cancer
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    Education Provider
    2 hours
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    2 hours
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