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193047 - How to Treat quiz: Refractive error

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How to Treat quiz: Refractive error

Relevance to General Practice

Refractive error, or ametropia, is the most common cause of impaired vision. It is also the most treatable, with most cases being correctable with prescription glasses, contact lenses or refractive surgery. While mild to moderate cases are simple to treat, more severe levels of refractive error can result in complications that can cause permanent vision loss. A thorough visual assessment with an optometrist or ophthalmologist is essential in patients suspected of having refractive error, in order to rule out sinister differential diagnoses.

Learning outcomes
  • Discuss the different types of refractive error.
  • List the risk factors for the development of myopia.
  • Describe the ophthalmic assessment of suspected refractive error.
  • Explain the treatment options for refractive error.
  • Domains of General Practice

    D1. Communication skills and the patient-doctor relationship

    D2. Applied professional knowledge and skills

    D3. Population health and the context of general practice

    D4. Professional and ethical role

    D5. Organisational and legal dimensions

    Curriculum Contextual Units
    • Adult health
    • Care of older people
    • Children and young people health
    • Eye medicine
    193047 - How to Treat quiz: Refractive error
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