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76932 - Clinical Course in Hypnosis-CBT-FPS Module 4 (of 6) Behaviour Modification & Guided Imagery

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For clinicians to understand and to learn to apply the principles of behaviour modification and guided imagery using the example of treating a phobia.

Relevance to General Practice

The principles of behaviour modification are relevant for every consultation involving clinical care. Principles such as graded exposure are relevant for: medication adherence, healthy lifestyle patterns and for diabetes, depression, hypertension and many more conditions. 

This is the fourth of 6 modules in a 6 day course (6 ALMs) which teaches doctors how to effectively use the core principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and hypnosis and the Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS) in clinical practice. 
The training is designed to benefit the attending doctors as well as their patients. 
Approved by the GPMHSC for doctors to apply to Medicare to use the additional mental health item numbers for Mental Health Plans and also FPS 'counselling' item numbers. Approved for MH-ST (level 1), FPS-ST (level 2) and for FPS-CPD for doctors already registered for FPS. 

Also approved by ACRRM.

Learning outcomes
  • Construct a desensitisation ladder or hierarchy for a phobia
  • Describe the benefits of constructing a desensitisation ladder or hierarchy.
  • Implement a regime to follow up any patient who becomes distressed in a consultation, including recording this event in the patient's file.
  • Know how to arrange appointments for the treatment of a person with a phobia.
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    76932 - Clinical Course in Hypnosis-CBT-FPS Module 4 (of 6) Behaviour Modification & Guided Imagery
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