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82936 - Introductory Ultrasound for Emergency Medicine

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Introductory Ultrasound for Emergency Medicine courses are delivered with a focus on practical sessions and with over 22 hours of scanning over five days. At the end of this course you will be able to demonstrate proficiency in performing and interpreting emergency ultrasound scans – including: 
• eFAST 
• AAA 
• Gallbladder 
• Lung 
• Vascular access (through experience gained on ultrasound phantoms) 
• Basic echo in life support including RUSH and HI-MAP 

Designed by doctors, for doctors, the courses are aimed at candidates with little or no prior ultrasound experience.

Relevance to General Practice

Many medical organisations and professional bodies, in Australia and internationally, include ultrasound training for GP’s in their curricula and policies. 
Rural and remote GP’s perform the function of emergency physicians in their unique locales. The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) states in its policy document The Use of Bedside Ultrasound by Emergency Physicians that “ultrasound examination, interpretation and clinical correlation should be available in a timely manner 24 hours a day for emergency department patients”. The policy further states that “Emergency physicians providing emergency ultrasound services should possess appropriate training and hands-on experience to perform and interpret limited bedside ultrasound imaging”. 
The ACEM policy P22 Credentialling for ED Ultrasonography states “Ultrasound imaging has been shown to enhance the clinician’s ability to assess and manage patients with a variety of acute illnesses and injuries.” 

Learning outcomes
  • Modify ultrasound system controls to attain basic practical proficiency in image optimisation to facilitate accurate diagnosis.
  • Demonstrate basic practical proficiency in performing and interpreting the following examinations: eFAST, AAA, Lung, Vascular access, ECHO, RUSH.
  • Discuss the clinical role, practical applications and limitations of focused u/s assessment of the following, eFAST, AAA, Lung, Vascular access, ECHO.
  • Explain the practical application of the RUSH protocol in the assessment of the critically ill patient in shock.
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    82936 - Introductory Ultrasound for Emergency Medicine
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