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84883 - Prevent deterioration of COPD (inc. smoking cessation and oxygen therapy)

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Relevance to General Practice

COPD is a common chronic condition and GPs manage patients with COPD on a regular basis. 1 in 7 people aged over 40 years have COPD and half of the people experiencing symptoms currently don't have a diagnosis. 70-80% of people diagnosed with COPD are current or ex-smokers and smoking cessation is one of the most effective interventions to reduce the rate of lung function decline. Long term oxygen therapy (LTOT) has also been shown to increase survival in patients with COPD who are hypoxemic. Immunisations are another effective intervention to help protect patients with COPD. Smoking cessation, immunisation and the use of LTOT are all effective interventions in preventing deterioration of COPD.

Learning outcomes
  • Explain the risks of smoking and benefits of stopping.
  • Outline effective interventions for smoking cessation such as counselling and pharmacotherapy
  • Describe the benefits of immunisation for a patient with COPD
  • Explain who benefits from home oxygen and how the need for oxygen therapy is assessed and monitored
  • Identify the different equipment options available to patients prescribed oxygen
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    84883 - Prevent deterioration of COPD (inc. smoking cessation and oxygen therapy)
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