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87801 - The COMPASS clinical trial

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Participation in the COMPASS clinical trial involves an initial one hour interactive education session (practice visit or webinar) covering current evidence on new cervical cancer screening technologies and a detailed discussion about the future National Cervical Screening Program commencing May 1, 2017. 
Participating General Practitioners will commence recruiting a minimum of 10 eligible patients, equipped with information about trial consent, recruitment & testing processes and supported by a range of COMPASS specific educational materials and resources. GPs receive a monthly e-newsletter incorporating progress reports, early study findings and feedback. 
GPs participate in a world first clinical trial comparing 5-yearly primary HPV screening to 2.5-yearly image-read cytology screening in both vaccinated and unvaccinated Australian women aged 25-36. 
The trial will involve approximately 121,000 women recruited by 500 general practices and community health centres across Victoria.

Relevance to General Practice

The Medical Service Advisory Committee recently announced a new screening approach to help prevent cervical cancer in both HPV vaccinated and unvaccinated women in Australia. The new National Cervical Screening Programme (NCSP) will commence on May 1st, 2017. 
In Australia, cervical screening most often occurs in general practice, community health clinics, women’s health centres, family planning clinics, rural and remote clinics and ATSI health services. The majority of pap smears, about 88%, are performed by Australian General Practitioners (GPs). HPV testing every five years is more effective, safer and will prevent more cancers than screening with a pap test every two years. COMPASS , is exploring the detail of the screening program for woman who have positive HPV results and will produce data from the Australian environment to inform the new NCSP of the safety and acceptability of HPV testing and the management for all women; HPV negative and positive. 

Learning outcomes
  • General practitioners will explain the natural history of HPV infection and its role in cervical cancer
  • General practitioners will implement safe and appropriate practice systems around recall, reminders and follow up of women recruited into the trial
  • General practitioners will interpret new screening results and recommend appropriate follow-up
  • General practitioners will confidently educate and support eligible patients about the new screening test and screening intervals
  • General practitioners will identify the issues around the new National Cervical Screening Program which commences on Dec 1, 2017
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    87801 - The COMPASS clinical trial
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