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93567 - Navigating Inhaled medicines management in COPD - National Case Study

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This free interactive online case study will help GPs to refresh their knowledge of current evidence and best practice in inhaled medicines management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This includes using a stepwise approach to manage COPD, understanding the place in therapy of inhaled corticosteroids in COPD, considering patient-related factors when prescribing inhaled medicines for patients, and understanding the importance of patient adherence and inhalation technique for optimal COPD management. Completion of this activity involves working through a clinical case scenario and answering a series of brief questions. Feedback is immediate, including practice points reflecting best practice guidance and expert commentary provided by Professor of General Practice, Nick Zwar.

Relevance to General Practice

Nine new COPD medicines or combinations have been added to the PBS since November 2014. This can lead to confusion about medicines, treatment protocols and PBS listings for health professionals, with the potential for unintended prescribing, (e.g. double dosing and concomitant use), or early introduction of ICS+LABA and LABA+LAMA combinations incongruent to disease severity. A 2013 DUSC review highlighted issues around co-administration of multiple LABA products, as well as an increased initiation of LABA+LAMA combinations earlier than recommended.

90% of patients don’t use their devices correctly and therefore may not be receiving the optimal dose, and GPs, practice nurses and pharmacists may not regularly check and demonstrate inhaler technique or check adherence. If the prescribed dose is not being delivered optimally, and this is not recognised, a patient’s medicine is likely to be changed/ increased if symptoms aren’t controlled.

Learning outcomes
  • Utilise a stepwise management based on COPD-X Guidelines to tailor a patient’s medicines to the level and progression of COPD symptoms
  • Describe the place of inhaled corticosteroids in therapy and outline the risks associated with their use in COPD
  • Review a patient’s medicines list when changing therapy, after an exacerbation or transitions in care to avoid harmful duplications
  • Describe key considerations that may influence choice of inhalation device.
  • Implement a practice-based approach to ensure patients receive training in inhaler technique and both technique and adherence are regularly monitored
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    93567 - Navigating Inhaled medicines management in COPD - National Case Study
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