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95265 - Assessing eye problems in children

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This free online module includes a peer-reviewed article on common eye conditions in children - how they are diagnosed and treated. Immediate feedback is given as questions are answered and specialist expert guidance is provided.

Relevance to General Practice

- Examining children’s eyes can be challenging. 
- Children generally do not complain about visual symptoms or difficulties and therefore rely heavily on parents, community and primary health workers in identifying clues such as strabismus or a learning difficulty. 
- Awareness of the common childhood eye problems will help guide appropriate referral and expectations of the diagnostic pathway. 
- It is vital to recognise conditions that require aggressive management or hospitalisation. 
- Amblyopia prevention and treatment remains one of the primary goals when dealing with eye conditions in children.

Learning outcomes
  • List the components of an eye examination in children.
  • Describe the management of intermittent strabismus and nasolacrimal duct obstruction.
  • Manage a newborn with purulent discharge in one eye.
  • Diagnose the cause of red swollen eyelids in a child.
  • Recommend factors to consider when choosing toys for your practice.
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    95265 - Assessing eye problems in children
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