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Albury/Wodonga Nurses' Conference

  • : Albury NSW 2640


Includes: New Evidence; Local Health Priorities; Improving Patient Outcomes; Preventative Health


Healthcare is undergoing constant change, therefore the need to keep up to date with current evidence is imperative. Attend this conference and discover:

  • What are the emerging health priorities that affect you now and in the future?
  • How can you implement preventive health strategies and improve patient outcomes?
  • What can you do to minimise the impact of certain conditions?
  • What is the latest evidence on a range of current treatments?
  • How can you deliver the best patient centred care?

Attend this local Nurses’ Conference and close gaps in your knowledge, skills and practice.


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Day One



Kate Emond

Making The Planets Align - Nurses Shaping the Patient Experience

The 21st Century demands a new approach to ensuring health outcomes are achieved. The patient is the centre of care and this demands new ways of thinking about practice which includes:

  • Increasing professional accountability
  • An emphasis on measurable, high quality, safe care
  • Greater transparency for health care actions
  • Personal responsibility for ongoing education to guide practice

This introductory session sets the scene for this conference.


Chris Maclaine

Hot Bodies - The Importance of Recognising Early Sepsis

Sepsis is a potentially fatal condition caused by a whole-of-body inflammatory response to severe infection. The chances of survival are significantly improved if the onset is identified early. This session demonstrates the importance of early recognition and reinforces what warning signs of sepsis you must be aware of. Includes:

  • Overview of the mechanism of sepsis
  • How does sepsis cause hypotension?
  • The diagnostic criteria for sepsis - clear triggers that warrant attention
  • Early aggressive treatment - what does it involve?



Audas Grant

Know Your Sugars - A Diagnostic Guide to Differentiating Ketoacidosis and Hyperglycaemic Hyperosmolarity

Diabetes has been observed and recognised since antiquity. Understanding the pathophysiology of this ailment has accelerated during the last 100 years. Despite this information leap, Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) and Hyperglycaemic Hyperosmolar State (HHS) can often pose a challenge in the acute setting. Includes:

  • What is Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA)?
  • What is Hyperglycaemic Hyperosmolar State (HHS)?
  • Simple diagnostic tests to confirm and overview of management


Lauren Coelli

Women's Sexual Health - Should We Be Concerned?

Women's sexuality has been considered a taboo subject for a long time. For a woman, sexuality encompasses a very broad range of activities and feelings. It includes gender identities and roles, sexual orientation, pleasure, intimacy and reproduction. In this session we will look at:

  • What are the issues of most concern?
  • STIs - who is most at risk?
  • The nursing role in sexual health promotion



Rebecca Humphreys

Pre-Diabetes - A Window of Opportunity?

The statistics on pre-diabetes in this country are astonishing. This condition may be asymptomatic but leads to type II diabetes if untreated. Early diagnosis is key to reducing the risk of developing full-blown diabetes. Find out the latest information about pre-diabetes including:

  • What is it and how is it diagnosed?
  • Who gets it?
  • What education can a nurse provide to patients prevent it from developing into full blown diabetes
  • Dietary friends and foes


Lesley Lewis

Blood-borne Pathogens: Understanding the Risks

Despite a greater understanding of hazards and risk management, healthcare workers continue to be exposed to blood and bodily fluids through needle-stick injuries and other exposure incidents. This session includes:

  • What blood-borne pathogens are of most concern?
  • Modes of transmission - when am I actually at risk?
  • Appropriate use of precautions
  • What to do if you experience a needlestick or sharps injury
  • How can nurses avoid discrimination when a patient has a known blood-borne infection?



Kate Emond

Mental Health in Crisis

The need for a sustainable mental health service is essential for the continued management and health outcomes of people living with a mental health disorder. This session will discuss:

  • National strategies - latest measures, changes and impacts
  • Assessment and management services - are they at risk?
  • What changes would meet the need?


The Goal Need for Program

Healthcare is undergoing major changes which are affecting the way nurses provide care. Regular appraisal of knowledge, skill and practice gaps are vital if nurses are to deliver safe and quality care consistent with their scope of practice. Changes include:

  • A shift away from health practitioner locus of control to the patient
  • Increasing professional accountability
  • Emphasis on measurable, high quality and safe care
  • Greater transparency for health care actions
  • Personal responsibility for ongoing education to guide practice

Addressing these gaps is crucial. Nurses need to be confident the practice they provide is current and reflects appropriate evidence. Access to up-to-date education is essential.

Purpose of Program

Attending this conference will improve your knowledge, skills and practice relating to a range of current professional and clinical practice issues. In so doing, you will be better positioned to improve patient outcomes and patient satisfaction relating to care.

Your learning outcomes:

Recognise people who have health risks and implement preventative action to avoid illness

Improve knowledge of specific nursing interventions that result in better patient outcomes

Embrace clinical practices that encompass inter professional knowledge to enhance patient outcomes

Deliver patient outcomes that are underpinned by evidence and evaluate their effectiveness against recognised standards

Presenters Presenters

Audas Grant

Audas Grant

Audas Grant is currently employed by NSW health as a Clinical Nurse Consultant for Emergency/Critical Care and is located at ...Read More

Lauren Coelli

Lauren Coelli

Lauren Coelli is a Sexual Health Coordinator based in Wodonga. ... Read More

Lesley Lewis

Lesley Lewis

Lesley Lewis is a Regional Infection Control Consultant in the Hume Region of Victoria supporting the infection control programs in ...Read More

Sharon Laver

Sharon Laver

Sharon Laver is a Lecturer in Nursing and Deputy Program Leader (BN) at Charles Sturt University. Sharon is a Registered ... Read More

David  Nielsen

David Nielsen

David Nielsen is a Gerontic Nurse Practitioner Candidate currently working for Albury Wodonga Health Service. In this role he works ... Read More

Paul Warner

Paul Warner

Paul Warner is a Registered Nurse currently working as a lecturer at Charles Sturt University Albury Wodonga Campus, a position ... Read More

Amy Vaccaro

Amy Vaccaro

Amy Vaccaro is a Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife based in Albury, NSW. Prior to commencing studies in Midwifery in ...Read More

Linda Ball

Linda Ball

Linda Ball is an identified Indigenous Kamilaroi woman and has lived in the Albury Wodonga area for 33 years. Previously, ... Read More

Jude Peterkin

Jude Peterkin

Jude Peterkin is a McGrath Breast Care Nurse. Albury Wodonga was the first rural & regional area to receive funding ... Read More

Geraldine O'Brien

Geraldine O'Brien

Geraldine O'Brien is a Stomal Therapist based at Albury Wondonga Private Hospital. ... Read More

Chris Maclaine

Chris Maclaine

Chris Maclaine is a Clinical Educator, Emergency Department for Albury Wodonga Health. ... Read More

Rebecca Humphreys

Rebecca Humphreys

Rebecca is a Registered Nurse and Credentialed Diabetes Educator, and has over 10 years experience. Her career started at the ... Read More

Albury/Wodonga Nurses' Conference
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