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All the Small Balls

Speciality Classification
1 day
Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI)

This one day continuing education course is a dynamic, fun filled exploration of how to advance your Pilates Matwork exercises with the versatility of the Pilates softball, the weighted ball and the spikey massage ball. Created by APPI Founder Elisa Withers this is a course that will teach you 57 different exercises for your incorporate into your Pilates teaching. A choreographed class will begin your day and allow you to see how versatile these small pieces of Pilates equipment can be. As the day progresses you will be further and further challenged to adapt your movement to the added challenge of the balls. Exercises will vary from strength, mobility, balance or control and will provide an enormous repertoire for you to take away with you.

What will be covered in this course? 

On this one day workshop you will learn a series of preparation movements using the Pilates Small Ball, using a motor control approach for the deep muscle systems to train greater quality of movement.

This course will cover all 57 exercises using the soft ball and the weighted balls. The day will begin with a masterclass on the use of the balls in a Choreographed class. We then explore the soft ball in further details before moving on to the use of the 0.5kg and 1kg weighted balls. In additional several workshops on the use of the spikey massage balls will give your body a well deserved break from the intensity of the weighted ball repertoire. Several class plans are included in the course manual for you take away from the day. 

Following on from this remedial series the Pilates Small Ball will be incorporated into select exercises from the APPI Matwork series, to both facilitate and challenge total body movement. You will then learn to apply the APPI principles to Pilates Movement using the Pilates weighted balls. The use of the Pilates weighted balls is highly effective for targeting specific muscle groups and increasing positional and movement awareness and control. A select series of massage and release techniques for tight and uncomfortable muscles using Pilates massage balls rounds of this workshop.

Variations and special consideration to the Pilates exercises as it relates to injuries and rehabilitation will be taught to provide practitioners with the knowledge and skills to selectively prescribe the movements.

Practical sessions:

–All Ball Show case


–Pre Pilates-Essentials

–Intermediate Class using the Pilates Weight Balls

–Please with the massage balls

–Workshop using the Soft Pilates ball

What is the cost of this course?

The online version of this course is £149. The live-stream and in-person course is £189.

How long is the course?

The online versions of CPD courses are between 4-6 hours for you to stop, start and rewind in your own time. The live-stream and in-person courses will run 9am-5pm. Online CPDs will remain on your account for you to revisit

Is this a certification?

This is a continued development course and not a certification to keep your knowledge refreshed and up to date

Do I get a certificate of attendance?

Yes. This will be sent to you electronically after you have completed the course feedback on our App. Just search ‘APPI Pilates’ on your App store.

Is there an exam?

No. This is a CPD course that does not require an examination

Why do I need to gain 8 CPD hours per year?

This is an industry standard and is to ensure that you are kept up to date with developing research and knowledge in the field. We keep a log of all of our instructors who have kept up with their annual CPD hours as it is a compulsory requirement.

Can I do this course?

This course is open to all that have done a two-day Matwork course with a recognised training provider

Is this a rehab, small equipment or performance CPD course?

This is a small equipment CPD course.

All the Small Balls
Provider Type
Education Provider
1 day
CPD Points
8 CPD hours
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