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Approach to Care - Difficult Conversations

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Approach to Care - Difficult Conversations


This course moves through the methods and approaches for working with patients who, for some reason, may present as difficult. Working with difficult patients, while common, may drain much of the energy of the day.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the difference between aggressive, passive, non-assertive and assertive characters
  • Identify the key components to assertiveness
  • Identify the principles of good negotiation
  • Describe the characteristics of constructive criticism
  • Describe the technique of negative enquiry
  • Describe the strategies for responding to difficult patients
  • Identify the various sources of anger
  • Describe the BATHE model
  • Identify the characteristics of a manipulative patient
  • Describe the SPIKES Protocol as it is applied to delivering bad news to patients
  • Understand the process of and develop the capacity for delivering bad news
  • Understand the issues of violence and identify strategies to reduce its likelihood
Approach to Care - Difficult Conversations
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