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Better Pain Management Modules 1-3, Faculty of Pain Medicine, ANZCA

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Modules 1, 2 and 3 of the Better Pain Management program form the pre-requisite requirements to undertaking the APA Pain Physiotherapy Level 1 course.

The APA has a limited number of places providing free access to six of the twelve Better Pain Management modules. You are welcome to complete the additional 3 modules for your own interest.

The free modules are:

  • Module 1: Making an effective pain diagnosis: a whole person approach
  • Module 2: The impact and management of psychological factors in pain
  • Module 3: A whole person approach to chronic pain 
  • Module 6: Opioids in pain management
  • Module 7: Pharmacology of pain medicine
  • Module 11: High-dose problematic opioid use

Once you enrol in this course, you will need to go to your ‘My learning Dashboard’ and click on this course to open it. There you will find the instructions on how to enrol in the Better Pain Management modules under the ‘Accessing’ section.

Please note that these 6 modules are hosted on Faculty of Pain Medicine’s eLearning platform. You'll be asked to register directly in their platform in order to undertake the Better Pain Management modules.

CPD Hours

3 hours

APA Pain Physiotherapy Level 1 course

The APA Pain Physiotherapy Level 1 is a foundational course aimed at the best competency level an immediately graduated Physiotherapist might have achieved.  This course is also aimed at Physiotherapists who are developing their skills in pain management or those who have had little clinical exposure to patients with varied pain conditions.

Once you have completed the Better Pain Management modules, there are two ways to complete the APA Pain Physiotherapy Level 1 course - blended or virtual: 

  • attending a face-to-face classroom course (Part A & B)
  • virtual online self-paced (Part A) and live webinar (Part B)
Better Pain Management Modules 1-3, Faculty of Pain Medicine, ANZCA
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Chronic Conditions and Disease Management, Pain management
3 hours
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