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Diagnosing a seizure

  • : Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127

Dr Denis Crimmins discusses the diagnosis and classification of seizure disorders. The identification of the type of seizure and the epilepsy syndrome is important as these will guide the investigation and management of epilepsy. As GPs, we are involved in the health journey of a patient with epilepsy, as we meet their needs regarding early and accurate diagnosis and good communication regarding investigation and management.

Questions asked in the video
  • Introduction 0:00
  • What barriers have been identified to the diagnosis of seizure disorders? 1:00
  • How can we classify epilepsy? 2:39
  • Which conditions need to be included in the differential diagnosis of a seizure disorder? 4:35
  • What does the GP need to establish on history and why are these issues relevant in the diagnosis of seizure disorders? 6:08
  • Which investigations are recommended in the assessment of a seizure? 8:17
  • Which issues could the GP discuss with patient/family following a first seizure and the implications for the development of epilepsy? 10:36
  • What other tips do you have for GPs with regard to patient education and reducing the stigma associated with seizure disorders? 13:15
  • When does the GP refer a patient with a seizure disorder to a specialist? 14:19

Resources for practitioners

Resources or patients and families


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Diagnosing a seizure
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