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How to Be an Inspirational and Effective Leader Seminar

  • : Melbourne VIC 3000

A seminar that supports nurses, midwives & health care leaders at all levels



This program teaches nurses who hold management positions how to lead and manage others so as to achieve sustainable results. It is a highly interactive program that enables the participant to learn how to effectively deal with complex staff issues that can erode confidence and self-esteem if left unchecked. It aims to explore the challenging areas of management that relate to:

  • Motivation and change management
  • Ensuring accountability and creating positive workplace cultures
  • Minimising conflict and managing toxic bullies
  • Maintaining personal health and buoyancy.

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Need for Program

As the health and aged care system becomes more demanding and sophisticated, clinicians are increasingly required to 'step up' into management positions. Often they are required to manage a broad range of staff, some of whom may demonstrate complex challenges. It is essential that leaders have the best educational support that enables them to competently fulfill their role and to maintain a genuine sense of purpose and achievement.

Purpose of Program

This program teaches leaders science based strategies to achieve predictable and sustainable results. It is a highly interactive program that enables the participant to learn how to deal effectively with complex staff issues that can erode confidence and self-esteem. As leadership needs to demonstrate a high level of accountability, participants will be expected to complete a one-page self-evaluation leadership checklist prior to coming to the course.

Your Learning Outcomes

  • Return to the workplace with improved management and leadership skills that can be immediately implemented
  • Demonstrate increased confidence when dealing with tough management issues, in collaboration with senior managers effectively manage bullying behaviour
  • Stretch your learning styles. The learning environment of the two days is interactive and participative and includes singing and practice of courageous conversations
  • Promote healthy neural and physical development
  • Schedule Day One

    8:30am - Registration and Refreshments


    Getting in the Management Groove! - Modern Leaders & Managers on the Move

    This introductory session explores approaches for working together during this two day program and ensuring your learning style is accommodated.

    • What are your personal learning objectives for this course?
    • Setting the scene: alignment with the Australian Health Leadership Framework
    • An introductory look at the following core concepts:
      • Leadership
      • Management
      • Governance
      • Effectiveness
      • Inspiratio n
    • What is the key purpose of your role as a leader and a manager?
    • Too busy…or are you achieving outcomes?
    • Explore the neuroscience of mirror neurons that ensures you are inspirational all the time – either for magnificence or mischief

    10:30am - Morning Tea


    'Using a Bit of Buzz' - A Scientific Approach to Achieving Better Results
    • The concept of 'seven brains' and how to use them
    • The autonomic nervous system either freezes you and your team or frees the team to creativity & cooperation
    • How is neuroscience contributing to our understanding of better leadership and management?
    • Stressed or blessed – how your perception influences your team results
    • Discover how mirror neurons are always switched on and your leadership is always on show


    Roll Up your Sleeves - Let's Start Applying the Principles
    • “Without vision the people perish” – create a vision for your workplace
    • Why values drive behaviour – what are your values and those of your workplace team?
    • How do you communicate your values to staff?
    • What needs to happen when values are violated?
    • What to do when conflicting values collide

    1:00pm - Lunch and Networking


    Mapping Your Team Culture and Managing Toxic Bullies

    Identify the magnificent; mean well; mediocre and malevolents in your team.

    • Match your right leadership style to each group
    • Why you may be making matters worse through empowering the bullies
    • Practice the courageous conversation script to manage inappropriate behaviours

    3:00pm - Afternoon Tea


    Staying Afloat on the Management Boat! Buoyancy Strategies for Effective Leaders
    • Leaders and managers who role model good health and buoyancy are critical to effective teamwork
    • Cultivating resilience as a positive force
    • Taking a proactive rather than a reactive approach to controlling stress levels and responses

    4:15pm - Close of Day One of Seminar

    Day Two

    9:00am - Commencement of Day Two


    Reflect and Review Key Learnings of Day One

    Apply reflection principles to identify the key outcomes of Day One.


    Emotional Intelligence

    Who is in command? Are you being driven or you the driver of your team?

    • Delve deeper into the brain of bullying and brilliance – the role of the emotional brain
    • How does “road rage” happen at work? Calm your amygdala before it explodes!
    • Take command of four core emotional intelligence competencies

    10:30am - Morning Tea


    Quality Should be a Habit ... Not an Accident

    Implementing quality assurance and quality improvement strategies.

    • How to inspire staff to have pride in their participation in quality assurance/improvement activities
    • Making quality easy, not onerous
    • Embedding the quality mindset in all staff – you lead the way!


    The Buck Stops Here! Accountability – Who is Really Responsible?
    • Identify legislation which affects clinical practice
    • Communication of expectations and boundaries – which strategies can you use?


    Courageous Conversations - Practice Makes Perfect

    Managers will invariably need to have difficult conversations with staff and colleagues. Conducting these conversations is a critical skill in effective leadership. This session will help you:

    • Hone this skill
    • Demonstrate confidence and eloquence
    • Stay strong in maintaining boundaries

    1:00pm - Lunch and Networking


    'Get Streetwise' - Political Intelligence and Anticipating Change

    Successful change emerges from knowledge of proven strategies.Incorporation of political intelligence is a crucial part of this mix.

    • What do you need to consider when planning significant change?
    • Why is political intelligence such a critical competency?
    • 10 strategies for successful change management
    • Self-reflection – which strategies have you used and which can you incorporate into future change management?

    3:00pm - Afternoon Tea


    May The Force Be With You

    This final session will be an opportunity to summarise what you have learned and to ensure you have take-home skills and strategies that can immediately be applied in your work environment.

    • What do you intend to change as a result of this education?
    • How will you prioritise your workload?
    • State your 3 management/leadership goals for the coming year

    4:15pm - Close of Seminar and Evaluations


    Ilze Jaunberzins

    Ilze Jaunberzins

    Ilze is the Principal of PowerMind Life and Leadership Coaching, a science-based coaching practice. She is also a highly experienced nurse, manager and educator. Ilze is dynamic and passionate about leaders being effective; not busy, but effective and confident. Be prepared for a lively two days of inspiration and learning.


How to Be an Inspirational and Effective Leader Seminar
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10 Hours | 30 Mins
Melbourne VIC 3000
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