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Integrated Care to Achieve the Quadruple Aim Package

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The Integrated Care to Achieve Quadruple Aim package, developed by the AGPAL & QIP Education and Training Team is designed to assist learners to better understand and implement elements of the integrated care model, and contribute towards achieve the Quadruple Aim of Health: improving the health of populations, enhancing the patient experience of care, improving health care provider experience, and improving cost efficiency and sustainability in health care

This package focusses on how to build workforce capacity in delivering coordinated care in order to build multi and inter-disciplinary teams. This training will support learners to strengthen leadership, partnership, communication and governance for integrated care while exploring strategies on how to partner with patients and their carers.

Package Includes

Face-to-face Workshop

This package includes a one-day face-to-face interactive workshop, for up to 30 attendees. The AGPAL & QIP Education and Training Team will plan and coordinate the workshop, to be conducted at a date and location of your choice.

Delivered by an expert facilitator, this interactive workshop is tailored to your organisation’s requirements and includes a complete take home workbook for all attendees.

Through facilitator led small group work and whole group discussions, practical examples, case studies, tools and resources will support a number of implementation initiatives and take away learnings for all attendees.


This package includes a series of three one-hour interactive coaching webinars, with topics including:

  • Building Workforce Capacity to Deliver Coordinated Care
  • Integrated Care Frameworks
  • Building Multi And Interdisciplinary Teams
  • Strengthening Leadership, Partnership, Communication and Governance for Integrated Care
  • Partnering with Patients and Their Carers
  • Improving Quality and Patient Safety, And
  • Care Transition.

The delivery date of these webinars will be determined in consultation with the AGPAL & QIP Education and Training Team.


The type of learning activities we offer include the combined use of multimedia and multiple instruction techniques, e.g. face-to-face interactive workshops, webinars, interactive e-Learning, self-directed learning.

Participants who attend a face-to-face training event or complete an e-Learning module or webinar, in full and without assessment, are awarded a statement of attendance.

Participants who complete a training program in full and meet the requirements of that training (e.g. pass an assessment where required), are issued a statement of completion.

Each learner can then use the certificates for applying for CPD points from their relevant peak body organisation.

Duration of package

This package has multiple learning avenues and offers a total duration of nine hours per individual learner. This is a combination of:

  • Face-to-face interactive workshop: six hours for full day attendance
  • Webinars: three hours of online learning
Integrated Care to Achieve the Quadruple Aim Package
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Business of General Practice, Communication skills, Running a Medical Specialty Practice
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