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Linking Diet and Disease Conference

  • : Surry Hills NSW 2010


It’s easy to list certain things in our diet and say if they’re good for us or not, right? But – who says? Is it true? Is it true to all of us? And in what context, specifically? And, most importantly – WHY? And as a population, we need to ask: how exactly is diet linked to disease? The growing relationship between chronic illness and food means that increasingly, nurses are required to know how and why a person’s health needs to change. Modern thinking now suggests that striving to improve health is no longer as simple as “input versus output”. Attend this conference to learn how diet and disease are actually linked. Find out how you can realistically enable your patients to improve their health. Discover:

  • Why everything we put in our mouth is within our control
  • The brain’s response to an ‘obesogenic’ environment
  • How is the gut microbiome connected to health?
  • How successful are medicines for weight-loss?
  • Getting ’buy-in’ from patients who resist change and much, much more…


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The Goal Need for Program

The established connections between chronic illness and food mean that increasingly, nurses are required to explain why and engage with patients to meaningfully improve their health. This ability to recognise and act on clinical indicators of impaired health as a result of diet is becoming a key feature of modern nursing. Nurses growingly need to demonstrate nutritional literacy so as to assist a person to improve their health outcomes, and importantly, prevent, and in some cases, treat their disease. As people, often with the same questions and struggles as their patients, there’s a timely need time to empower nurses to help themselves, in order to help others.

Purpose of Program

The purpose of this conference is to examine the link between diet and disease and integrate this knowledge into nursing practice so as to improve health outcomes for patients.

Your learning outcomes:

Understand the broad link between certain foods and chronic illness, and explain this to your patient

Use the data from a nutritional assessment to assist in the identification and improvement of a patient’s health status

Explain simple approaches to weight loss and maintenance to your patients to assist them to overcome barriers to weight-loss

Combine holistic nursing and health coaching principles to engage with patients and enable them to improve their health outcomes


To Be Determined

To Be Determined

Linking Diet and Disease Conference
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10 hours 30 mins
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10 hours 30 mins
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$572.00 (two days)
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Melbourne Oaks On Collins , 480 Collins St
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