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Mackay Nurses' Conference

  • : Mackay QLD 4740


Healthcare is undergoing constant change, therefore the need to keep up to date with current evidence is imperative. Attend this conference and discover:

  • What are the emerging health priorities that affect you now and in the future?
  • How can you implement preventative health strategies and improve patient outcomes?
  • What can you do to minimise the impact of certain conditions?
  • What is the latest evidence on a range of current treatments?
  • How can you deliver the best patient centred care?

Attend this local Nurses’ Conference and close gaps in your knowledge, skills and practice.


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Robin Moore

Primary Healthcare - a Modern Approach

Encompassing the WHO's Declaration of Alma Ata (1978) and recent Primary Healthcare: a Framework for Future Strategic Directions (2003), primary healthcare can be defined as a socially appropriate and universally acceptable concept that gives priority to those most in need. In this session the current application of primary healthcare in modern society is explored.


Donna Pini

HIV and Sexual Health Update: What’s New?

The prevalence and importance of a patient’s sexual concerns are consistently underestimated. So, what are the key cues and how do you take a good sexual health history?



Suzanne La Fontaine

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a sexual act in which a person is coerced or physically forced to engage against their will or non-consensual sexual touching of a person. In this session the presenter will discuss issues of sexual assault and the role of health professionals.


Monique Dunkley

Low Fat v Low Carb Diets

There are many different types of diets that people use. However, some appear to work better than others. Evidence suggests that the health benefits of some diets outweighs that of others. This session specifically looks at the relative merits of low fat v low carbohydrate diets. Includes:

  • When is a low fat diet indicated?
  • Which type of diet affects blood glucose levels?
  • Does time of day when the food is ingested matter?
  • Which diet works best for cardiovascular disease



Scott Harris

The Long Term Impact of a Poor Ethical Decision

Were you ever involved in a situation where you felt uncomfortable but did not speak up? If so, do you reflect on this situation? How does it make you feel and what would you do differently now? In this session we will look at what happens when past events are not fully resolved and the impact this can have on personal, and professional integrity.



Scott Harris

The Suicide Snowball: Can it be Slowed?

Recent data suggests that suicide is more common in males than females and was considerably higher in men 80 and over. Furthermore, men in the 45 to 49 years of age group are increasingly at a higher risk of suicide. Additionally, suicide amongst men in rural and remote areas is significantly higher than in non-remote areas. Nursing those who have intentionally tried to take their own life can be complex and challenging. However, these statistics confirm the need to explore suicide and provide you with practical strategies for your nursing practice. Includes:

  • Assessment and risk factors - critical to understanding prevention strategies
  • Overcoming the taboo - talking about suicide
  • Suicide ideation - What to say? What to do?
  • Is self-harm the same as attempted suicide?
  • Making the best use of your resources


Day Two



Dale Long

Organisational Culture: Shaping the Future

Every organisation has a culture: regardless of size, age, or industry. What separates many organisations is the ability to intentionally shape and leverage culture to bolster their strategic goals; the ability to engage the hearts and minds of their staff and the ability to create an environment where people are inspired to achieve extraordinary results.


Chris Banney

Renal Disease

Renal disease is often called the silent disease because there are often few or no symptoms. It is known that up to 90% of renal function can be lost before any effects are noticed.



Barbara Popp

Hands, Wrists and Elbows - a Vital Connection

Many injuries both acute and chronic can affect the everyday function of the hand, wrist and elbow. A loss of functionality can be challenging for the person who may require therapy and rehabilitation from an occupational therapist.


Dale Long

Recognition and Management of Chronic Pain

The assessment and management of chronic pain should be a primary objective for all healthcare practitioners as these steps depend on the complex interplay of many factors. This session includes:

  • How do I recognise when pain is chronic?
  • Pain assessment: is it different for chronic pain?
  • Choice of analgesia: why does it matter?



Kriselle Dawson

Polypharmacy and the Prescribing Cascade

The use of medicines in older people is fraught with potential dangers. Prescribing of medicines increases as people age and the chances of interactions and unwanted side effects are greater. This session informs you of current trends in prescribing and alerts you to the special considerations of pharmacotherapeutics in older people. Includes:

  • Patient expectations and prescriptions
  • Significant risks and adverse medicine events
  • Ageing effects on pharmacokinetics
  • Common culprit medicines to watch out for
  • Periodic reviews of medicines and its role in the prescribing cascade



Dale Long

Pain Management at End of Life

Getting the dose of analgesia correct can be difficult. It is even more complicated if a person has a dementing illness or is unconscious. This session looks at the management of analgesia in the final days of a person’s life. Includes clinical decision making and the appropriate use of opioids or other analgesia’s for pain relief.


The Goal Need for Program

Safety and quality are essential and are directly linked to knowledge. The need for you to continually seek new information in regard to the nursing care you provide is a given, no matter where you work. This is a time when:

  • Healthcare budgets are under increased stress
  • The community purse is shrinking
  • Throughput is no longer the goal of care and is being replaced with quality outcomes.

It is more important than ever that you take a leadership role in providing high value care to people that is outcome focused. Addressing emerging gaps in knowledge through up-to-date information is crucial if safe, quality outcomes are to be achieved.

Purpose of Program

This program provides you with current knowledge relating to a range of professional and practice topics that will improve how you deliver nursing care.

Your learning outcomes:

People in your care with health risks will receive preventative nursing action to avoid illness

Better patient outcomes will be achieved through the application of up-to-date knowledge relating to specific nursing interventions

Inter-professional collaboration will be optimised to enhance patient outcomes

Patient outcomes will be underpinned by evidence-based practice and recognised standards and guidelines


Dale Long

Dale Long

Dale Long is a Registered Nurse who has worked in various cancer care, palliative care and pain management roles in ... Read More

Robin Moore

Robin Moore

Robin Moore is the Chief Executive Officer of the Northern Queensland Primary Health Network. Robin has more than 35 years’ ...Read More

Donna Pini

Donna Pini

Donna Pini currently works as a Nurse Practitioner at the Mackay Sexual Health & Sexual Assault Service since 2014 and ...Read More

Suzanne La Fontaine

Suzanne La Fontaine

Suzanne La Fontaine is the Sexual Health & Sexual Assault Psychologist in the Psychology Services Mackay Hospital and Health Services. ... Read More

Scott Harris

Scott Harris

Scott Harris has 27 years' nursing experience, the majority of which has been in Mental Health. He has worked in ... Read More

Kriselle Dawson

Kriselle Dawson

Kriselle Dawson is a Consultant Pharmacist who completed her degree through James Cook University in Townsville in 2003. She has ... Read More

Chris Banney

Chris Banney

Chris is CNC Chronic Kidney Disease at MacKay Hospital. ... Read More

Barbara Popp

Barbara Popp

Barb graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in 1992. She has worked in paediatrics, ... Read More

Mackay Nurses' Conference
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