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Privacy and the Workplace Course for Oral Health

Speciality Classification
Oral Health
Time / Duration
30 minutes
Subject matter expert
Thomson Geer
Endorsed By
The NSCA Foundation

Privacy and the Workplace Course

Kineo’s Privacy and the Workplace course has been developed to provide organisations with an understanding of Australian privacy requirements. It is critical that organisations in Australia understand privacy rights and how the Australian law requires personal information to be protected.

Privacy and your Workplace

Privacy is a person’s right to protect their personal information. Australian Privacy laws outline how an organisation must handle personal information. Personal information is any information or opinion that could reasonably identify a person.

Australian organisations should only collect personal information when reasonably necessary to perform the organisation’s functions or activities. Information should only be used for either  the reason it was collected or in a way related to this reason that the person could reasonably expect. If personal information is held by an organisation; it must be complete, accurate and up-to-date.

A person must know when information about them is being collected. Once personal information is no longer required and not contained in a Commonwealth record, it must be destroyed or de-identified. This is so it does not link to a person.

Understanding Australian Privacy Law

In Australia, privacy is protected by the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles. These laws are designed to protect people from improper use of their personal information. It’s important that organisations understand the importance of protecting privacy. They should know how to handle personal data and what to do if there are any data breaches.

Privacy and the Workplace Course Content

The training content in this course is split into the following sections.

  • What is personal information?
  • Privacy in your organisation?
  • Keeping personal information.
  • Using personal information.

Content areas include understanding what personal information and sensitive information are. It also discusses employee records, notifiable data breaches, collecting and keeping information, and using and sharing information.

Privacy and the Workplace Learning Objectives

This training program provides training in:

  • The right to privacy and why it requires protection.
  • What personal information is.
  • How privacy is protected in Australia and how organisations can use personal information.
  • What you can do to help protect your own - and other people's - privacy.

Target Audience

The Privacy and the Workplace course has been designed to provide training for all staff in all Australian organisations. It is particularly relevant to client-facing staff members and those who handle information relating to real persons.

Content has been personalised for the following workers.

  • Call centre workers.
  • Healthcare workers.
  • Teachers.
  • Carers.
  • Salespeople.
  • Bank employees.

Course Features

  • 30 minutes course duration
  • Interactive activities
  • Animated videos
  • Homepage with extra resources
  • Industry-specific scenario training
  • Accessibility. WCAG AA compliance with customisable features.
  • Full course voiceover
  • Assessments at the end of each section
  • Certificate upon successful completion
  • Adaptics - Kineo’s pre-assessment technology

This course has been created in collaboration with an Australian legal professional.


Endorsed by the NSCA Foundation.

The NSCA Foundation endorses this course as meeting its standards for educational quality and usability with the content having been developed by an appropriately credentialed subject matter expert.

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Privacy and the Workplace Course for Oral Health
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30 minutes
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