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Safeguarding Children Level 1-3

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Safeguarding Children and Young People Levels 1 – 3, covers the knowledge and competences needed by health and social care professionals to safeguard the welfare of children. It has been developed by a consortium of professional bodies, led by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

A high-quality child protection course for practitioners globally

This comprehensive programme covers a wide range of themes, including what to do if a child discloses abuse, unexplained injuries, disability, neglect, the roles and responsibilities of staff, safeguarding procedures, and multi-agency working. Written by renowned experts in the child health field, the content includes many interactive features, such as videos, case studies and questions, to help embed learning and understanding.

The programme also includes Level 3 Safeguarding Children is aimed at Consultant doctors and career grade Paediatricians. The module is made up of seven case-based learning sessions that cover the knowledge and competences required for Level 3 Safeguarding.

Course Features

  • Relevant to healthcare professionals in the UK and internationally
  • Three levels of training for both clinical and non-clinical staff
  • Features high-quality, interactive content

Course Content

The safeguarding children online elearning programme consists of three modules that are divided up into smaller elearning sessions. Each session typically takes around 20 to 30 minutes to complete.  The modules related specifically to level1, 2 and 3 training.

Level 1 is suitable for all healthcare and non-clinical staff and covers a range of topics, including an overview of child protection (and the categories), legal requirements and implications, the roles and responsibilities of staff, how to respond to concerns about safeguarding issues, the importance of multi-agency working, effective communication and the importance of defensive documentation

Level 2 is suitable for clinical staff who have regular contact with children.  This module is aimed at clinical staff who either have regular contact with children or who deal with adults who may pose a risk to children. It is suited to both healthcare professionals (including dentists, nurses, audiologists and pharmacists) and those working in social care or occupational health. The sessions look at how to manage concerns that a child is being or may be maltreated.  Topics covered include legislation and recommendations, categories of abuse and case studies, the roles and responsibilities of staff, what to do if a child discloses abuse, the importance of multi-agency working, effective communication, the importance of defensive documentation”

Level 3 is designed for doctors, consultants and paediatricians.  The sessions are an introduction to attaining and maintaining safeguarding competences, management of sudden unexpected death of a child, parental risk factors, managing concerns around physical abuse, unexplained injuries, neglect in the disabled child, fabricated or induced illness, adolescent presenting with suspected sexual assault, children vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, looked after children and online safety and digital harm.


eIntegrity programmes are developed by NHS Health Education England’s e-Learning for Healthcare programme (HEE e-LfH). 

The programmes are high quality self-directed learning programmes.  They are designed to support training and CPD and are excellent resources alongside other traditional teaching methodologies.  They have been developed by the UK NHS for use in the NHS.  However, many of the programmes have international relevance, particularly the specialty training programmes which are often mapped to UK specialty training curricula.


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Safeguarding Children Level 1-3
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