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Trauma Team Simulation Training (TTST)

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The TTST is a high fidelity inter-professional trauma team simulation course which aims to enhance the essential technical and non-technical skills of emergency clinicians that is required for trauma resuscitation.  Participants include medical, surgical and nursing staff.  Participants rotate through four high fidelity clinical simulations, performing in different trauma team roles whilst managing a variety of trauma presentations.  The simulations are designed to develop the technical expertise amongst clinicians including knowledge, procedural and psychomotor skills, as well as develop the non-technical skills required for effective teamwork such as leadership, followership, communication and decision making skills.


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Pre activity

Participants are provided with two peer reviewed journal articles that discuss the principles of Crisis Resource Management (CRM) in maintaining patient safety and discusses the importance of errors in medicine, patient safety and human factors. Completion of a pre-activity questionnaire assessing participant perception of knowledge, skills and confidence

Post activity

Completion of a pre-activity questionnaire assessing participant perception of knowledge, skills and confidence post course

Learning objective

Learning Objectives
** To demonstrate the correct technical and non-technical skills required to assess and manage a
simulated trauma patient
** To demonstrate the key principles of effective teamwork within an interprofessional team whilst
managing a simulated trauma patient.
** To utilise the principles of crisis resource management in trauma to reduce the risk of critical
** To build the capacity for reflection and self discovery through debriefing

Assessment info

The TTST has no formal assessment process, however all participants are observed during each simulation by two separate trauma/simulation experts. The components of that observation are then integrated into a structured debriefing process. The debriefing sessions follow the principles of debriefing with good judgement and utilise the advocacy with inquiry approach to help close the learning loop (Rudolph et al.,2006). Focus is placed on both clinical/technical aspects of the exercise and the non-technical/professional skills of the trauma team.

Additional info

The TTST course focusses primarily on clinical skills and provides minimal didactic lecturing. The participants are provided with an interactive lecture to introduce the Crisis Resource Management (CRM) principles.  The participants are then involved in individual group discussions focussing on different CRM principles such as Leadership and Followership, Human Factors and Assertive Communication.  A lecture is also given providing current recommendations for fluid management in trauma.

For the clinical perspective participants are involved in a 55 minute orientation to simulation, four 20 minute clinical scenarios and four structured debriefs lasting between 40-55 minutes per sim.  Participants will get the opportunity to practise advanced airway techniques, surgical airways, finger thoracostomy, chest tube insertion, IO insertion and damage control resuscitation

Trauma Team Simulation Training (TTST)
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