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Treatment planning and complications in clinical dentistry (Adult dentition)

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Course overview

This course provides a CPD learning experience for Dentists in contrast with more traditional models, where content is predetermined, developed and presented by the Educator. Clinical narratives of individual tooth units, provided by the first 32 registrants, are used to populate a hypothetical dentition, upon which the ‘Course Model’ is developed. Panels are multidisciplinary and comprise Sydney-based dental specialists, all with extensive experience in clinical practice and professional education. We are delighted to welcome to our program this year Rhett Clayton, a National Claims Manager with over 20 years’ experience in the insurance industry.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course, participating dentists will:

  • Improve their proficiency in treatment planning of individual tooth unit scenarios via:

- exposure to a broad range of conditions

- a comprehensive approach to diagnostic procedure

- detailed consideration of relevant therapeutic outcomes and complications

  • Improve their understanding of treatment planning in complex oral rehabilitation
  • Refine their perspective of scope of practice in general and specialist dentistry
  • Clarify existing risk management practices in their professional domain
Treatment planning and complications in clinical dentistry (Adult dentition)
22 hours
22 hours
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