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159969 - Hearing Loss in your Community

Speciality Classification
General Practice ( GP ) / Family Medicine
Face to face
3 hours

A CPD updating GPs on the latest treatments, guidelines and referral pathways for hearing loss. 
Michelle Moran - Clinical Audiologist, Cochlear 
Jaime Leigh - Audiologist, Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital 
Dr Rob Briggs - ENT Surgeon, Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital 
John Fisher - Cochlear™ implant recipient 

Relevance to General Practice

Hearing loss affects one in six Australians and is projected to rise to one in four by 2050 with our ageing population. The prevalence of hearing loss increases with age and is as high as 33% in Australians aged 50 years or older. Hearing impairment in adults is associated with social isolation, depression, occupational disadvantage and cognitive decline. General practitioners play an integral role in identifying and engaging potential candidates for implantable hearing devices with specialist services. Patients presenting with hearing loss should be assessed for acute aetiologies, such as otitis media and sudden sensorineural hearing loss requires emergency review and specialist referral for initiation of medical therapy 
The initial approach to hearing rehabilitation is the fitting of hearing aids however when patients are unable to hear optimally with their devices, implantable auditory enhancing devices may be an option. 

Learning outcomes
  • Convey the benefits of maintaining optimum hearing health to patients
  • Manage patients with sudden onset of hearing loss
  • Assess patients for Cochlear implant candidacy criteria and treatment pathways
  • Convey the treatment options, including Cochlear implants to patients with hearing loss
  • Convey the associated risks of hearing impairment to patients such as social isolation, depression, occupational disadvantage and cognitive decline
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    159969 - Hearing Loss in your Community
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    Education Provider
    3 hours
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    3 hours
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