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Solo GP practice with Hospital on call



This position description is to be completed when seeking to appoint a general practice position.



PART A          Applicant (Doctor) Details



  • Family name

  • Given name
  • PART B          Position Details


  • Name and location of general practice(s) where the Doctor will be employed
  • Laverton Doctors Rooms

    Situated in Laverton District Hospital







    Type of practice




     After hours only

     Deputising service

     Aboriginal service

     Locum practice



  • Suggested hours of work:
    8:00am – 5pm Mon-Fri in the GP Practice and Hospital ED when needed, On-call, after hours and weekends.
    The Permanent Doctor is expected to work for 40 weeks p.a.
    The additional twelve weeks will be covered by Pier Street Country Health.
  • Travel and Accommodation:
    Flights in and out of Laverton:
    a. Private Charters:
    We are often able to arrange flights between Perth and Laverton on private charters of the mining companies.
    b. Commercial Flights:
    Please note:
    All Commercial flights would be for the Drs own expense and mine chartered flights are at no charge to the Doctor.
    The Doctors house is a four bedroom, fully furnished house.
    There is a vehicle available and the travel time between the house and the Hospital is less than five minutes. You must have a valid Driver’s licence to be able to use the vehicle.
  • Remuneration:
  • Daily rate/On call:
  • Permanent Dr:                        $550 per any 24 hr day on call in town

                Locum D:                    $250 per any 24 hr day on call in town


  • % Rate:
  • Non VR:                      70% of daily takings

                VR:                              80% of daily takings.


  • Flight:                          not included unless we are able to arrange a
                                        mine charter seat
  • Accommodation:        Included
  • Food:                           Not included
  • Car:                             Car and maintenance included
  • Fuel:                            Not included

  • SIP:                             100% of all SIP payments
  • PIP:                             $100/4hr session for medical student
  • GPRIP:                       100% GP Rural Incentive Program Fees:

    This is paid per annum for each year of service.


    Year level Service

    Modified Monash Category





    5 plus

    Laverton is:






    Cat 7








  • Details of other staff working in the practice 
  • Role (e.g. reception staff, registered nurse)


    of staff



    Hospital RN


    Hospital RN/EN


    ETS (Emergency Tele-health Service) (FACEM Dr) daily









    PART C          Details and requirements of the position


  • Provide a general outline of the requirements of this role (e.g. To provide comprehensive medical care; including prevention, treatment and rehabilitation…)
  • To provide medical care in a solo GP private practice environment and on call for the hospital ED.





  • Detail the nature of the clinical requirements of this role
    (eg medical diagnoses and treatment of (e.g. respiratory diseases); procedural tasks (e.g. vaccination, ECG interpretation, pulmonary function test); surgical procedures (e.g. suturing lacerations, incision and drainage of abscess, excision of skin lesions); aged care; obstetrics and gynaecology; anaesthetics; emergency; mental health; documentation(e.g. medico-legal reports)
  • Medical diagnosis and treatment in a General practice setting with emphasis on Indigenous health related problems to a population of newborn to the elderly.

    Procedural tasks: ECG interpretations, Basic X-Ray interpretation of the Chest and extremities. Suturing of lacerations and managing uncomplicated fractures.

    Basic incision and drainage, skin biopsies and excisions. Antenatal care till 36 weeks gestation but no obstetrics.

    Occasional mining injuries or more severe injuries that needs stabilising before RFDS transfer with support of the ETS system.



  • Detail the qualifications, knowledge, skills, experience and postgraduate training the LOCUM DOCTOR requires to perform this role (e.g. CPR certificate, ALS certificate)
  • WACHS Credentialing


    Job Location (Area or Region)
    Job Type
    Business Type
    Private Practice
    Job Title
    Solo GP practice with Hospital on call
    Salary Type
    % on Billings
    Salary Range
    80% to 85%
    Salary Details
    Daily fee plus % billing
    Video Introbeta

    Video intro not available

    Start timeframe
    Contact Phone
    08 62226622
    Candidate Criteria
    Highest Education
    Experience Years
    Australian Registration (AHPRA)
    Current Employment Status
    Australian Residency / Visa Status
    Laverton WA 6440
    Area Classification
    Location Map
    Google Map

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