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Where can nurses use OET results in USA?

Where can nurses use OET results in USA?

Published By Occupation English Test (OET) , 1 year ago

Nurses moving to the USA must satisfy several requirements for both licensing and visas. While the process can be complex, choosing an English test is easy.  

OET is the only English language test designed for nurses. It uses scenarios taken from the workplace to assess a nurse’s English level and is valid for visas through CGFNS International Inc. and in 18 states around the USA.  

Let’s take a closer look at where you can use your results migrating and registering in the USA.  

Where can I use OET results? 

OET is now recognised by CGFNS for the VisaScreen®: Visa Credentials Assessment Service. This means you can use your OET results in your application for a Registered Nurse Immigrant Visa (“Green Card”) or H-1B visa. 

Alongside VisaScreen®, you can also use your results when applying for nursing licensing in 18 states and territories throughout the USA. Take a look at the full list of states below. 

  • Florida 
  • Oregon 
  • Washington 
  • Michigan
  • New York 
  • North Mariana Islands 
  • Guam 
  • American Samoa 
  • US Virgin Islands
  • Montana 
  • South Carolina 
  • North Carolina 
  • Illinois 
  • Arizona
  • New Mexico 
  • Iowa 
  • Oklahoma 
  • West Virginia 

However, before this you might need to take a licensing exam called the NCLEX-RN. It is important to check with the state board you are applying to confirm the level of English they require as proof of English proficiency.  

Alongside the boards above, OET is working closely with other state nursing boards to ensure nurses migrating to the USA can choose which state where they live and work.  

Why should I take OET? 

OET is designed specifically for nurses. It uses real-world nursing scenarios to assess your English skills. You will practice your English skills in and be assessed using the language you use in your workplace.  

Close to 98% of OET candidates said they chose OET because it was healthcare specific. Nurses who take OET do so because it makes them feel more confident. When you compare it with general English tests, its clear why so many nurses choose OET.  

For example, a general English test will ask you write an essay on a random topic like honey making or the democratic purpose. OET on the other hand will ask you to write a referral or discharge letter to another nurse or healthcare professional.  

In addition to OET being unique to healthcare, nurses also choose OET for the vast preparation resources available on our website and social channels.  

On Facebook, for instance, we have weekly live classes delivered by our All Star preparation providers that covers a wide range of topics. From Reading questions analysis to Writing Masterclasses, our All Stars Live Channel is a great way to learn quickly.   

For more information, jump over to the Facebook page to see our live classes in action.


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