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Access course for GPs

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General Practice ( GP ) / Family Medicine
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eLearning for Healthcare
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This session discusses the issues which limit access to primary care services by people with learning disabilities and how these can be overcome.

This session was reviewed by Dirk Palet and last updated in July 2018.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Identify barriers which limit access to primary care services by people with learning disabilities
  • Explain how to overcome these barriers to ensure equal access
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the need for equitable access
  • Develop continuity of care

People with learning disabilities should be able to enjoy the same access to primary care services as the general population. However, health screening of adults with learning disabilities registered with GPs currently reveals a high level of unmet physical and mental health needs.

Entry Requirements / Prerequisites

Before commencing this session you should:

  • Session - Demographic Characteristics and Hidden History of People with Learning Disabilities (400-0175)
Instructors / Speakers
Teresa Kippax,
Adult Protection Coordinator for Dorset Primary Care Trust

Teresa has worked in the independent, statutory and voluntary sectors with vulnerable groups and firmly believes in the benefit of making use of the service user experience in developing services. She has supported people with a learning disability for 20 years, most recently as strategic health facilitator for people with learning disabilities for a local primary care trust.

Prior to her current role, Teresa operated as a freelance consultant to improve access to health services, working with local primary care trusts. She completed an audit to establish a baseline of access to primary health services by people with learning disability in Dorset which led to wide ranging implementation of new processes and roles to effect necessary change. The final piece of work as a freelance involved a nationally recognised detailed study in two prisons looking at access to health services by people in prison and how additional needs (e.g. learning difficulty or mental health problems) impact upon access.

Access course for GPs
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Developmental disabilities, Disability
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Education Provider
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