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Ethical Tensions in the Consultation course for GPs

Speciality Classification
General Practice ( GP ) / Family Medicine
Time / Duration
40 minutes
Subject matter expert
e-Learning for Healthcare
Endorsed By
Royal College of General Practitioners

There is always the possibility of conflict between a doctor’s view and that of the patient. This session explores some of the common ethical issues that confront doctors in their day to day practice.

This session was reviewed by Khyati Bakhai and last updated in June 2021.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • list three factors that need to be considered when faced by an ethical dilemma in a consultation
  • describe briefly the six bioethical principles
  • list four circumstances in which it is acceptable to breach confidentiality
  • outline the reasons why breaching confidentiality creates ethical tensions

Over recent years, the role of the GP has evolved and broadened as a result of social and political developments.

Entry Requirements / Prerequisites

Before commencing this session you should:

Record your last 10 interactions with patients, and for each consultation, consider the following:

  • Were the doctor and patient (or relative) in complete agreement about the content/outcome of the consultation?
  • If not, how did this make you feel?
  • What, if anything, did you do to resolve this conflict?
Instructors / Speakers
Clare Gerada,
Vice-Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)

Dr Clare Gerada has been a GP in Lambeth – one of the most deprived boroughs in London - since 1991. Her Kennington practice is part of the Hurley Group, a partnership of three surgeries in South London that work together to provide the local population with high quality health services.

Prior to becoming a GP, she worked in psychiatry at the Maudsley Hospital, specialising in substance misuse. This remains her key professional interest and she is currently a GP specialist in this area, managing patients with heroin and cocaine addiction.

Dr Gerada is committed to GP education, and is a GP trainer.

She is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians.

Ethical Tensions in the Consultation course for GPs
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40 minutes
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