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National Organisations and Networks course for Management and Administration

Speciality Classification
Management and Administration
Time / Duration
20 minutes
Subject matter expert
e-Learning for Healthcare
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This session identifies some of the aspects of healthcare where key national bodies and organisations influence and regulate our work as clinicians.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Identify key areas of healthcare that are influenced by national organisations and bodies
  • Use examples to explain how national organisations can strategically and practically influence different areas of healthcare
  • Explain the means by which clinicians can influence national organisations and bodies in terms of policy formation
  • Demonstrate your contribution to leadership in clinical settings by identifying the process of influence in your service and how you can contribute to it
Entry Requirements / Prerequisites

Before commencing this session you should complete these sessions in the Introductory Module:

  • Introduction to Leadership and LeAD
  • Introduction to Medical/Clinical Leadership Competency Framework
Instructors / Speakers
Valli Ratnam,

Dr Valli Ratnam was an anaesthetic trainee from the Royal Free School of Anaesthesia. She now works as a Consultant in Anaesthetics and Intensive Care at the West Middlesex University hospital NHS trust.

Early on in her consultant career, she took up the Lead Clinician and the Clinical Director of Critical Care. Her role and enthusiasm in NHS management lead to her being nominated for the BAMM’s Fit to lead course. She has been the clinical lead for the Productive Theatres Project of which the hospital is one of three pilot sites and been involved in Patient Safety issues at West Middlesex Hospital. She has an on-going interest in CME articles and teaching medical students.

Bob Klaber,

Bob has developed his interest in clinical leadership through his experiences training and working as a paediatrician and medical educationalist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, and in other roles across London. He has developed a number of work-based leadership development initiatives, including ‘Paired Learning’, and was involved in supporting the NHS Institute’s Enhancing Engagement in Medical Leadership project team in their work around the Medical Leadership Competency Framework.

National Organisations and Networks course for Management and Administration
Interest Areas / Topics Covered
Mentoring & Leading, Leading and managing, Coaching & Leadership
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Education Provider
Time / Duration
20 minutes
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