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The Patient as Partner in Evidence-Based Practice course for GPs

Speciality Classification
General Practice ( GP ) / Family Medicine
Time / Duration
30 minutes
Subject matter expert
e-Learning for Healthcare
Endorsed By
Royal College of General Practitioners

In this session, you will learn how to translate evidence from research to clinical practice, assessing the relevance of general findings to an individual, and communicating effectively to arrive at shared decisions. This session was reviewed by Matthew Castleden and last updated in March 2015.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Assess the relevance of evidence from studies for an individual patient
  • Explain to a patient the likely benefits and harms of an intervention in appropriate language
  • Recognise the importance of acknowledging the patient’s ideas, expectations and concerns
  • Arrive at shared decisions with a patient incorporating all of the above

Research evidence tells us about groups of people. However, when we come to treat individuals, we need to consider how closely our patients match those in the studies.

Entry Requirements / Prerequisites

Before commencing this session you should:

  • Download the 'basic statistics formulae sheet' with all the mathematical formulae used in this session, from the Resources link on the Summary page. This can be stored or printed to assist with patient as partner in evidence-based practice calculations
  • Have access to a calculator
Instructors / Speakers
Kevork Hopayian,
GP Tutor

Kevork Hopayian is a GP in Leiston, Suffolk, GP Tutor for Suffolk and an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of East Anglia.

He teaches Evidence-Based Practice on the Ipswich GP specialist training scheme and on the MSc course for Health Sciences at UEA.

He was on the Primary Care Guidelines Review Panel of the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence until 2006.

The Patient as Partner in Evidence-Based Practice course for GPs
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Education Provider
Time / Duration
30 minutes
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