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Create a job for free, view matching professionals, then pay-to-post and promote to get best-matched applicants. Review and manage applicants to hire the right fit. No more fees to pay.

How Job Post Works


Create a job for free and view your shortlist of matching professionals that match your exact criteria


Pay-to-post and our platform will promote the post, then shortlist applicants that are interested in your open position


Contact and hire the right applicant directly with no more fees to pay

Job Post - Features

The key features that are part of your Job Post

Applicant Matching

Applicant Matching

Find The Right Applicant, Faster

Job seekers input their personal and professional details when signing up to our platform, and this level of data then provides our clients with the opportunity to set filters that will generate only the most relevant applicants for 30 days, minimising their time spent sorting through resumes.

Matching filters include:

  • Profession
  • Seniority
  • Speciality
  • Experience Years
  • Australian Residency / Visa Status
  • Country
  • Highest Education
  • Australian Health Practitioner Registration


Rise Above The Pack

Post a Promoted Job Post and see it stand out with highlighting and placement above standard Job Posts on the platform's job board.

Your Promoted Job Post is highlighted on the job board for 30 days receiving maximum exposure and clicks from the most relevant job seekers. Much like Google, the closer your post is to the front and top, the more clicks it will receive.



Build Trust In Your Brand

Your company's brand is promoted alongside your job post with your logo and name, with a link to your Business Profile under "Posted By".

This ensures that any professionals interested in your job have clarity around which company they are applying for, as well as an understanding of the company's values, which allows them to make a more conscious and informed decision about their future employment opportunities.

Peer Referrals

Double Your Engagement Through Word-Of-Mouth

Included as part of your Promoted Job Posts are Peer Referrals. These allow you to set a custom reward for members on our platform that refer your open position to a colleague. They receive the reward only if you successfully hire that specific candidate.

Set your own terms and conditions, and see your job post extend its reach through word of mouth.

Job Invitations

Job Invitations

Attract More Quality Applicants

Also included as part of your Job Posts are Job Invitations. These allow you to personally invite members from our platform that match your criteria to see if they are currently looking for work and possibly interested in your particular position. As their profile indicates a complete match in profession type, location, salary etc. there is a good chance they will apply to your position if they are also in the market and currently looking for work.

Video Job Description

Modernise Your Hiring with Video

Included as part of your Promoted Job Posts are Video Job Descriptions. These allow you to record a custom video to talk about your job offering to help attract the best applicants.

Videos are highly effective in keeping the job seeker interested & curious about the role, the company culture, and the brand. There is simply no better way to get your key messages across to the right professional at the right time.

Video Job Description
Active Promotion

Active Promotion

Maximum Reach, Minimum Work

Your Promoted Job Post is actively promoted to the best-matched Professional's Dashboard, Notifications and Emails to make sure they see your job post. It is also selectively promoted to our healthcare & medical industry partner websites at opportune times to ensure greater reach.

Healthcarelink is the only platform a you need to get your job post in front of the right candidate. Get the maximum targeted exposure for your open position with just a few clicks.

Your next hire is only a few clicks away