Receive best-matched candidates On-Demand

Changing Traditional Recruitment

The traditional method of recruitment involves a consultant taking the time to manually source for potential candidates either through crawling through databases or advertising on broad job boards with the hopes of finding someone suitable.

This is slow and cumbersome, and doesn’t always result in a favourable connection for both the employer and job seeker.

We felt that this needed to change, and thus, HealthcareLink was founded.

To focus on matching employers to job seekers fast and at the lowest cost, we use modern AI technology.

When signing up to our platform, our members provide us with their personal and professional details. This then allows our platform’s AI to marry up the perfect candidate with clients whose candidate request matches the professionals’ profile and preferences.

This hiring option is the new gold standard in the industry we call Candidates On-Demand

How it works

Receive the best platform-matched or screened candidates in 4 simple steps:


Create a candidate request and set your selection criteria.


Simply choose your desired candidate level, Your candidate level options are:

  • Matched Candidate
  • Screened Candidate


Our platform will shortlist candidates that match your exact criteria and have also indicated that they are interested in your open position.


Select your desired candidates and feel at ease with our flexible payment options:

  • Pay-to-connect, where you unlock the contact details of your desired candidate after making an informed decision from the information presented to you.
  • Pay-on-placement, where you only incur a cost upon the successful hiring of a candidate.

Multiple Candidate options

Simply choose your desired candidate level:

Matched Candidate

A Matched Candidate has a completed profile on our Platform. A completed profile is an indication of the relevant educational, professional and personal information to assist with your recruitment decision.

Screened Candidate

A Screened Candidate has a complete profile on the Platform and has been telephone screened. This process involves the vetting of all the information recorded by the candidate, as well as additional insight into their suitability for their needs such as the distance they are willing to travel for work, their level of English comprehension and more.

We also credential the candidate as part of our screening process. This means you receive all of their necessary certification and qualification documents, as well as dedicated placement support by your personal industry expert. At this point they are ready-to-interview, ready-to-work and ready-to-integrate straight into your team. The information is provided to assist you in meeting your organisation’s compliance requirements.

Flexible payment options

Select your desired candidates and feel at ease with our flexible payment options.


Pay-to-connect model, where you only incur a cost once you are ready to unlock the candidate’s contact information to take the conversation to the next level.

  • 1

    Cost Savings

  • 2


  • 3

    No agreements


Pay-on-placement model, where you only incur a cost upon the successful hiring of a candidate.

  • 1

    Placement guarantee

  • 2

    Zero obligations until placement

  • 3

    Dedicated Industry Expert & Account Manager

  • 4

    Take the pressure off hiring

Hurry! Secure your ideal candidate before another employer does.

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