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Radiographer/Medical Imaging
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Sydney NSW 2000
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Australia Telemedicine Clinic


Telemedicine Clinic (ATMC) is Europe’s leading teleradiology provider. TMC pioneered teleradiology services in Europe when it was founded in 2002 and has since become a vital partner for more than 110 radiology departments in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the UK. This year, our team of approximately 300 specialised radiologists will report almost 500,000 cases, making a significant positive impact in the life of hospital staff and patients.

As more hospitals all over Europe recognise the advantages of managing their capacity in network with TMC, we are growing quickly. The on-call service that we provide for Scandinavian and UK hospitals during European night time from Sydney and Noosa, Australia, has been especially popular.

To expand our team, we are searching for emergency radiologists eligible to work in Sweden, Denmark or United Kingdom to relocate to Sydney or Noosa, Australia, for periods of 9 to 24 months.

The TMC radiologist belongs to the Emergency section. The goal of this section is to deliver high quality radiological diagnostic services to our healthcare clients and the final patients.

If you can answer the following questions with a resounding “yes” then it is very likely that you will enjoy working with us and you should read to the end of this ad.

Do you love your profession and care deeply about the health of your patients? Are you ready to move with your family to a new country and explore a new culture? Would you like to live and work in Australia, a thriving, cosmopolitan country where you can enjoy sunny beaches, great outdoor activities, fine dining, a vibrant cultural scene and other amenities? Do you want to further specialise and develop an expert reputation in emergency radiology? Do you want to escape from the stress and bureaucracy of a public hospital – even if it is only for some months? Would you like to work for a modern health care organisation, staffed with exceptional talent and first class technology? Do you want to significantly increase your salary, well above the pay levels of public hospitals?


We require that candidates meet the following requirements, so we can deliver the highest quality service to our patients:

Be a medical doctor with a specialist degree in diagnostic radiology Have worked for at least two years as a Consultant Radiologist Be registered as radiologist with the Swedish, Danish or UK authorities Be able to report in the language of any of those countries Have a good command of English (since this is our working language) Be computer literate Have a proactive mindset, be interested in finding solutions, manage stress, be flexible and organized Be a good communicator. Our recruiting process consists of a formal application, in which we evaluate a candidate’s CV and, if a candidate meets our criteria, move on to a phone interview. The next step in the process is a visit to our headquarters in Barcelona for further interviews and to report on approximately 20 standardised test cases, as well as rigorous reference checks with prior managers and/or colleagues who can attest to your competence and work ethic.


We promise to make every effort to make your time with TMC a professionally stimulating, gratifying and enjoyable experience. This is what you can expect from us:

The time of your life. Living and working in Australia will be a fascinating experience that will enrich your life and create long lasting memories. Australia is a cosmopolitan country, with a great cultural offer, great outdoors activities and a mild and sunny climate all year long. And it does not have to be for a lifetime. We would love to have you for longer stays, but even periods of only 6 months are possible.

An attractive income and benefits. The base salary for full-time radiologists can be significantly higher than average salaries at public hospitals. Although the cost of living in Australia is higher, and radiologists may have expenses at home, most radiologists do financially well during their stay with TMC. In addition, TMC offers generous benefit packages which include return flights, paid accommodation, and support from a relocation agency with house search, school selection and administrative paperwork. For longer stays travel costs of your family and school fees are covered as well.

An opportunity to specialise. In Australia you will be working during day time for the on call shift of European hospitals. This will expose you to high volumes and a large variety of cases and allow you to build expert status in emergency radiology in a very short time. You will also benefit from the extensive knowledge-sharing activities among the senior emergency radiologists based in our offices in Sydney and Noosa.

Peace of mind. We are confident that you will be impressed by TMC’s quality standards. Strict clinical governance and internal/external audits allow us to achieve a reporting quality that is setting new standards in European health care systems. Over the years these high quality standards have generated a great respect for our work within the Scandinavian and European radiology community. Having worked with TMC is considered an enrichment of a radiologist’s career.

Stay in the game. If you are retired, a period working with TMC in Australia is also a wonderful opportunity to stay connected with the profession you love.


TMC is a challenging workplace with a diverse and very international team. We are friendly, dynamic and non-hierarchical, and culture is one that encourages helping others in the group. While we work hard and tackle medical challenges every day, we also make sure to keep our balance and not only enjoy our work, but also our families, friends and activities outside of TMC.

Apart from making a living, people at TMC come to work every day, because they want to make a difference in people’s health. In the end, everything we do is focused on diagnosing people’s medical issues quickly and correctly. This is what drives us.

We are quite particular about how we do things at TMC and hold up the following five core values:

  • Uncompromising quality and care in all medical matters
  • Gaining evermore expertise by learning and sharing knowledge generously
  • Setting new standards through experimentation and innovation
  • Caring and respectful collaboration across departments, borders and cultures
  • Going the extra mile and having fun
  • These values determine our behaviour and guide us in our decision making. If you respect and demonstrate these values in your daily work, you will be a good fit for the company.

    As a full-time emergency radiologist you will report directly to Fausto Labruto, TMC’s Medical Director, who also heads up our on-call service.


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    mergency Radiologist Sydney
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    Australia Telemedicine Clinic
    Sydney NSW 2000
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