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GP Jobs, Practice Nurse Jobs in Perth

By |16th October , 2017|Career Insights, General, Location Insights, Reference|

Living and working in GP jobs, Practice Nurse jobs in Perth Perth is a bustling metropolitan city located on the sandy and relatively flat Swan Coastal Plain, nestled between the Indian Ocean and the Darling Escarpment.  An integral part of the South West Land Division of the state of Western Australia, Perth is both the [...]

Nurse Practitioner

By |17th July , 2017|Career Insights, Reference|

This is an overview for Nurse Practitioner Jobs in Australia. It can be used to gain an understanding of what a Nurse Practitioner role entails. Employers: You can use this as a template job description for Nurse Practitioner jobs and customise it for your centre. Candidates: You can use this to understand what areas you [...]

Patient Care Assistant

By |4th October , 2016|Career Insights|

Purpose and Mission Patient care assistants have a variety of duties that support clinical care in clinics in hospitals. Duties may include cleaning, catering and orderly duties. One common responsibility is patient movement and transporting patients to appointments within a hospital. They are responsible for transferring patients safely and ensuring that patients are accompanied by [...]

Medical Typist / Transcriptions

By |4th October , 2016|Career Insights|

Purpose and Mission Medical typists are trained to enter a broad variety of medical information, including patient records, treatments provided, insurance information and medication reports, into pre-existing medical databases. These medical professionals typically work for clinics and hospitals, and may provide general administrative support to the facility as well as data entry and transcription duties. [...]

Home Care Workers

By |4th October , 2016|Career Insights|

Purpose and Mission Home care workers (or residential workers or just care workers) assist clients in their own homes or in assisted living facilities. Typical responsibilities include: Learning more about clients, their interests and needs assisting clients with daily personal care such as washing, dressing, using the bathroom and eating carrying out domestic chores such [...]


By |4th October , 2016|Career Insights|

Purpose and Mission Hypnotherapy is an increasingly popular type of complementary medicine using hypnosis to help people implement positive change in their lives. Hypnosis is the practice of putting an individual into a deeply relaxed state. A hypnotherapist works with people to help access the deeper parts of their minds. This can assist these individuals [...]


By |20th September , 2016|Career Insights|

Purpose and Mission Chiropractors (also called a chiropractic) are trained to diagnose, treat and prevent disorders of the musculoskeletal system, and assess the impact of these disorders on the nervous system and whole body health. The primary goals of a chiropractor are to relieve pain, increase mobility and to improve movement and overall health. Chiropractic [...]


By |20th September , 2016|Career Insights|

Purpose and Mission Counsellors are trained to support people who are dealing with emotional difficulties by helping them to identify and work through the various issues impacting their lives. A counsellor uses a variety of methods including talking therapy to help people to solve problems or develop strategies to address their concerns. In most cases, [...]

Diabetes Educator

By |20th September , 2016|Career Insights|

Purpose and Mission Diabetes educators are specialists in preventing and treating diabetes. These health professionals have undertaken further study to focus on helping people with diabetes self-manage their diabetes and minimize complications. A diabetes educator should be your initial contact if you need more information, support or motivation in the management of your diabetes. These [...]

Exercise Physiologist

By |20th September , 2016|Career Insights|

Purpose and Mission Exercise physiologists are trained to assess the physical fitness of patients in hospitals and other medical facilities. They know how to measure strength, blood pressure, heart rate, and the amount of oxygen in the blood. One of the primary duties of an exercise physiologist is to create progressive exercise regimens for patients [...]