Some people would argue that few people know as much about hiring as recruiters do, but we’ve found some expert advice from smart recruiters who want to help hiring managers make better hiring decisions.

The following are the top tips hiring managers should pay attention to according to smart recruiters.


1. Get a Clear Understanding of the Need First

You may think you know what role you’re trying to fill, but that’s only part of the picture. You have to talk with your staff and identify what skills you are looking for to go with that role. Make a list of what the person in the same position was doing previously and use that as a starting point; if this is a new position you’ll need to do a lot more asking.

To fill the position with the right person, you want to know what exactly your team is looking for in the new hire. Their skills, their experience, their certifications – everything. This will help you get the right candidate.

2. Write Killer Job Descriptions

Writing job descriptions is less difficult when you have a clear understanding of the needs (from #1). Then you can arrange your needs into a description that will sound like someone’s dream job. Start with reviewing other similar job postings, then work yours over to catch the eyes of new hires.

The best way to get noticed by potential new hires is by making your job description stand out from the others, so include something unusual in the title.

3. Hire Skills but Find Talent

One mistake many hiring managers make is hiring inexperienced people with the hope of fitting in some training later. This is a naive idea because skills can be learned; talent cannot, so it’s important to hire both in the right balance.

Find ways to identify true talent, then work on the skills.

4. Never Stop Recruiting

Even if your staff is running as a perfectly oiled machine right now, life happens. Any day of the week, without warning, you would need to find a replacement for someone who has to move to another region, has to care for an elderly parent, gets a better offer, or decides to have a baby.

Recruiting all the time doesn’t have to be difficult, if you manage it right. Set up your company profile and refresh it every couple of months. Customise it with your logo, video, photos of your facility, and use it to share your company values. This way, when a new job post goes out, job seekers are already familiar with your company and they apply quickly.

5. Delegate to the Pros When Time is a Problem

At HealthcareLink, we recognize that not all companies have the time or the staff to recruit. Like a smart recruiter, you know when to delegate tasks you don’t have time to handle yourself. If you’re in that position, let us know and we’ll help you post jobs, market it through social media, manage applicants and more. See how to get professional recruiting support when you need it.