Candidates lining up to work for you

Is your practice bursting at the seams? With competition for hiring within the medical and healthcare field becoming fierce, it’s increasingly important to position your practice or hospital strategically to attract the best talent.

For a medical practice or hospital-owned practice, accentuate all the great aspects of working for your practice by highlighting all the key benefits. Tap into the obvious – healthcare and medical professionals have a strong social conscience and a great desire to help people improve their lives. If you have local community programs your centre supports regularly, mention these when you interview. It will appeal to the community-minded individual.
Here’s a checklist to start you off (note that it’s not exhaustive!):

  • Number of billings doctors can expect – show potential employees that you have a busy and thriving practice
  • Flexibility of the role – attract jobseekers with families who are looking for a flexible working environment
  • Competitive pay – demonstrate that you are willing to pay top dollar for the right candidat
  • Any further benefits – discounts on health insurance, medical indemnity insurance, gym membership and free onsite parking – this will emphasise that you value your employees and are willing to offer health and lifestyle perks

If you have a large medical practice that’s supported by other health professionals under one roof, emphasise that in your job ad. The focus on holistic health is rising in importance to GPs so be sure to mention this during the interview so the candidate knows he/she is supported by the way your centre is structured and operated.

Younger doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals are often looking for a good work-life balance which previous generations have not necessarily demanded. Today’s generation want to be active participants in their family’s lives and want predictable yet flexible schedules. They will often value competitive yet steady income and job security over aiming for a higher pay.
Make sure your office is attractive and up to date. Clean and pleasant decor can go a long way in motivating staff and patients. This is especially important to staff who work in the same environment for long hours.

  • Does your practice uses current technology to track billings and medical reports?
  • Do you offer laptops and iPads to your staff so that they can easily update their records on the go?
  • Do you promote a friendly work culture and provide staff incentives and team building events?

Recruiting new doctors and healthcare professionals is extremely competitive. Be sure to promote the benefits of your practice or hospital to attract and retain the best talent!

Need to widen your reach for candidates?

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