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Clinic to Cloud Has Redesigned the Customer Portal to Improve the Patient Experience

Clinic to Cloud Has Redesigned the Customer Portal to Improve the Patient Experience

Clinic to Cloud, a health and practice management services company headquartered in Sydney, has updated the Patient Portal to enhance the patient experience.


Patients will also use the cloud-based framework to execute a multitude of tasks. These include scheduling appointments, display fees, invoices, and certified pathology and imaging reports, and posting referrals. Patients will get appointment alerts to eliminate no-shows, and the application's back-end technology has been upgraded to ensure that patient data is safe.


In the face of a potentially infectious pandemic, healthcare professionals have used remote solutions such as telehealth to minimize the number of in-person appointments. Patients may handle logistical tasks such as booking appointments and making deposits from the convenience of their own residences, which helps to streamline the operation. Patients are often given the ability to manage their own treatment.


Patient portals have been used by healthcare organizations to streamline interactive applications for patients. For eg, in 2020, digital health provider Zesty revealed a collaboration with the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust (RWT) in England's West Midlands to launch a patient platform as part of a digital drive.


According to a report published in Kidney Medicine, while many health systems support patient portals, certain patients, such as those from lower socioeconomic communities, may not be getting the expected benefits from patient portals. Work will be required to ensure that patient portals meet all patients' treatment needs.


Rafic Habib, CEO of Clinic to Cloud, said that the Patient Portal enhancements mean that physicians can improve patient interaction in an environment where more healthcare purchases are taking place electronically. During the pandemic, doctors and practice workers faced a greater logistical strain, and unless we begin to innovate in this room, the burden would persist. In the meantime, patients expect greater accountability from online services.


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