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Child Development in the Family Context

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Australian College of Nursing (ACN)

The purpose of this unit of study is to help students explore child development within the child’s family, culture, and environment.

Nurses working in partnership with infants, children, and their families must have in-depth knowledge and understanding of a child’s physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development and the influences on their development in the early years. This knowledge assists nurses in promoting and strengthening the relationship between young children and their support networks, therefore enabling the attachment process, a fundamental element in healthy development.

Central to the role of a nurse working with young children and families is acquiring growth and developmental assessment skills. Assessing, screening, and monitoring a child’s development throughout the early years provides a good foundation for person-centred health promotion and facilitates early intervention when developmental issues are detected.

Students studying this Unit will consolidate their theoretical learning through a 40-hour professional experience placement in a child and family health setting.


Hours of Study: 150

Credit Points : 6

Modules / Topics

Theme 1: Developmental foundations and influences

Evaluate the research, policies, models, and frameworks that provide parameters for assessing screening, and monitoring child development in the early years

Theme 2: Developmental surveillance and health monitoring

Critically analyse the complex social, cultural, and environmental factors that influence developmental outcomes in young children

Theme 3: Developmental progression in infancy & toddlerhood

Apply advanced knowledge of developmental foundations and theories to support infants’ and children’s biopsychosocial and emotional needs

Theme 4: Developmental progression in the pre-school years

Interpret the signs of perinatal distress that can influence infant-parent attachment and infant mental health and wellbeing

Theme 5: Supporting optimal development

  • Implement effective communication strategies that strengthen partnerships with parents, families, community networks
  • Reflect on the nurse’s role in facilitating parents’ understanding of their child’s developmental needs through health education and parenting skill development
Child Development in the Family Context
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ACN Members Price 2,308.50
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