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APNA - Australian Primary Healthcare Nursing Association - Transition to Practice Program

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Are you new to nursing in primary health care or want to support someone who is?

APNA's Transition to Practice Programs (TPP) provides an evidence-based education framework and support to nurses who have transitioned to primary health care1 and feel they would benefit from additional assistance in understanding primary health care. TPP has been designed to improve the recruitment and retention of nurses in primary health care.

Who can participate in APNA's TPP?
Nurses new to primary health care (Transitioning Nurse, TN): newly graduated or experienced nurses currently working in a primary health care setting1 who would like additional support during their transition.
Nurses experienced in primary health care (Mentors): nurses with four or more years of experience in primary health care and interested in mentoring and supporting nurses new to primary health care.
Why us
Build your foundational knowledge, skills and confidence through professional and clinical development, mentoring and support

Enhance your competency, confidence, and capacity as a nurse working in primary health care to enable you to work to your full scope of practice.

Equip you for effective team-based care to achieve better health outcomes in primary health care
Enhance your professional network in primary health care.

Nurses new to primary health care

A more knowledgeable, skilled and confident nurse: Mentoring via small group learning and guided education can enhance confidence and competence in clinical skill development, knowledge and professional growth opportunities.

A nurse with enhanced clinical skills development: Your nurse will receive access to over 50 hours of free and targeted professional development (CPD) countless resources aimed specifically around what nurses new to primary health care need to know, i.e. wound care, care planning, chronic disease management, scope of practice etc. Your nurse’s CPD hours for registration will be well and truly achieved.

A nurse with increased job satisfaction: Research indicates that your nurse is more likely to stay. Support and guidance from experienced peers can provide increased career and job satisfaction for nurses.

Nurses experienced in primary health care

Improved job satisfaction and retention: Research indicates that nurses are more likely to stay in their role when provided with increased career and job satisfaction, e.g. from opportunities to mentor.

Personal development opportunities: Mentoring peers will increase your nurse’s skills and knowledge around project management, problem solving, interpersonal and communication skills.

Improved workplace processes: Mentors often report learning something new from their TNs that they then implement in their workplace.

Access to high quality education (CPD): Mentors get access to over 50 hours of high quality APNA online learning modules and resources with direct flow on benefits for your workplace. Your nurse’s CPD hours for registration will be well and truly achieved

Development of leadership skills: Mentoring helps nurses build networks and leadership skills. Not to mention increases clinical expertise and knowledge of the primary health care system.
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Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
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